The Bones She Buried! Lisa Regan’s latest release.

Congratulations on your new release, Lisa!

Josie works until her arms ache, until the paramedics arrive and pull her gently away from the woman’s cold, fragile body. Noah’s voice cracks beside her as he calls the time of death for his own, beloved mother.

Arriving with her partner Noah for dinner at his family’s immaculate countryside home, Detective Josie Quinn is devastated to find Noah’s mother, Colette, lying lifeless in the back garden, her mouth clogged with soil.

Searching the house for answers, Josie’s team don’t know what to make of the rosary beads buried in the dirt near the body, or the hidden file labelled “Drew Pratt”, the small town of Denton’s most famous missing person.

As she delves deeper into Pratt’s case, Josie quickly discovers he had a brother whose body mysteriously washed up on the banks of a river. There’s also a diary entry suggesting that Collette may have met him on the last day he was seen alive. Can Josie believe the unthinkable, that a kind old soul like Collette might have been involved in their murders? And, will Josie’s new relationship with Noah survive the accusation?

Josie’s only hope lies in tracking down Pratt’s daughter. But when she arrives at her home to find she’s been murdered just minutes before, Josie knows the real killer is one step ahead and won’t stop until Colette’s secret is buried forever. With many more innocent lives on the line, how deep is Josie prepared dig to reach the truth?

My Review:

OMG! I just finished this book, and I’m speechless. Lisa Regan, I bow to your powerful storytelling expertise. You’re the master! This is so, so good! I think it might be my new favorite.
Besides being such a great read, it was also incredibly heartbreaking on many counts. Seeing Noah lose his precious mother, hearing about what a terrible father he has and learning about his family all while questioning what kind of person his mother really was… well, I won’t go into detail, so I don’t spoil it, but I will say, it kept me up at night trying to finish. I couldn’t put it down and then when I had too, I kept thinking about it.
I could have done without all the difficult moments between Josie and Noah. I almost had a heart attack a couple of times, and then I wanted to smack Noah and his sister for their BS, but I survived, and so did they. I’m really curious to see what Josie and Laura’s relationship becomes in the next book. Josie has the patience of a saint when she needs too.
In this book, we get to see the return of Luke, Josie’s ex-fiancé. It was a nice surprise, and I enjoyed getting caught up on his story. We also get to see Chief Chitwood relax a little and learn to have more trust in his team. He might even show a smile or two. We get to see Gretchen return to work and slowly regain the trust of her boss and the community. And we also get a glimpse of what happens when Josie falls off the wagon and starts drinking again. She’s been pretty strong-willed, but the woman isn’t perfect.
This book weaves a story so intricate and detailed, I’m not even sure what to say about it. As soon as you think you have it figured out, you turn the page, and something new happens, or another innocent person winds up dead.
This is an absolutely perfect 5-star read!

Lisa Regan at her very best! Check it out, you won’t regret it. 

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