New Embrace Series Covers! And a book club party!

They're here! As promised, here are the new Embrace Series covers. Thank you, Carrie Butler, from Forward Authority, for making these lovelies for me.

Not only does the Embrace Series have new covers, but thanks to Tami at Integrity Formatting, the inside has been updated too.

I'm in love with them! Carrie did such a great job! What do you think?

Sometimes Love is Worth the Risk.

Sarah Jennings knows fear. After escaping an abusive relationship eight years ago, Sarah finally has the quiet life she’s always wanted, and she’s less fearful than she’s ever been. Until a random act of brutal violence reminds her that safe is only an illusion.

Mark Summers’ plan was always to marry his high school sweetheart and have a large family with her. He never doubted this plan until he finds his wife in the arms of another man. Left heartbroken, he devotes himself to running his security business and following his passion for protecting the vulnerable.

And Sarah Jennings is as vulnerable as they come.

Scared and wanting to run again, Sarah can’t deny there’s something extraordinary about this handsome stranger dead set on protecting her. Mark will stop at nothing to keep her safe from the madman out to get her, but as love becomes a distraction, he realizes he might be in over his head.

Just as things start to settle down and Sarah feels safe again, her past comes back and threatens her happily ever after. Mark will have to rewrite the rules if he wants to save the woman he loves and secure their future together.

Trust is a Dangerous Game.

A second divorce and single motherhood wasn't the vision Alison Hayes had for her future. Hooking up with Detective Johnny Rhay Bennett at a friend's wedding wasn't part of her plan either. She's shocked when months after their encounter, he breezes back into her life, flashing his charming, country-boy smile. The last thing she needs is another man in her life or another reason to make people talk.

But when Ali faces her worst nightmare, Johnny's the only person who can pull her out of her despair, forcing her to hold onto the hope of finding her missing child.

Johnny Rhay Bennett doesn't believe in love-at-first-sight, but after a one-night stand in paradise with Ali, he can't get her out of his head. With Nashville in his rear-view mirror, he's determined to make Ali his, even if it means moving to California. Convincing people of his good intentions for Ali and her boys isn't easy, but Johnny's up for the challenge. At least, he believes he's up for it until baby Micah is stolen right out from under his nose. Johnny has to keep it together and get that sweet little boy home safe before his vision of making them his family vanishes too.

Sometimes Second Chances are Deadly.

The Past...
As childhood sweethearts, Brian and Melissa's plans were simple: finish school, get married and live happily ever after. But. unfortunately, life didn't go as planned. Melissa went away to college, and Brian married her best friend.

The Present...
Seventeen years have passed, and Brian's stable family life has come crashing down around him. His wife's a cheater, his teenage daughter is hiding things from him, and Melissa is back in town to remind him of what he lost all those years ago.
Melissa's returned home, ready to forgive and focus on her future, but that all changes the day she gets a desperate phone call from Brian's daughter, Erin. Thrown back into Brian's tumultuous life, Melissa struggles to move beyond the pain of his broken promise.

The Future...
While working together to save Erin from the evil web she's caught in, Melissa and Brian fight to fix the past or face losing each other all over again.

New emrbace series cover 2021

Leave a comment to let me know what you think and tell me, which is your favorite.

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