Accidental Lies

Release Date: August 7, 2019

Accidental Lies, Accidental Love Series, Book 2

Accidental Lies cover

It was only meant to be a vacation fling…

Three blissful weeks on the beautiful island of Maui are exactly what I need… Hula dancers, Mai Tais with cocktail umbrellas, and golden beaches – what more could I want?

Then I see her, and I realize she’s exactly what I want.

She was locked outside of her hotel room, all buttoned-up in a suit definitely not appropriate for a vacation, and wearing a fierce take-no-shit stance. But I couldn’t help noticing the pain behind her eyes…

Four Mai Tais later, the chemistry between us is hotter than the Hawaiian sun, and we decide to spend the rest of our vacation unwinding, undressing, and getting to know each other a little better…

We have just two rules:
1) No talking about our lives outside Maui.
2) This is just a vacation fling.

That means I can’t tell her about the heartbreak that haunts me, and the secret I have back home. It means I can’t ask her about the sorrow in her eyes, and why she has such a wall up – a wall I’m determined to bring crashing down.

When the sun sets on our trip, can I say goodbye to this gorgeous blue-eyed beauty? Or am I going to be tempted to break the rules?

And if I do decide to be a rule-breaker, will she even want me when she finds out who I really am?

This is a full-length, standalone romance with some hot-under-the-collar action, no cheating and a guaranteed HEA. For fans of R.S Grey, Whitney G. and Vi Keeland, Accidental Lies features a hot AF alpha and a sizzling will-they-wont-they love story that will have you totally addicted!

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I absolutely adored this book and I couldn’t put it down.” Goodreads Reviewer

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