You’ve Got ‘The Look’

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My friend and pub sister, the Dark Princess, Blue Remy, has challenged me to “The Look”.

Here’s the challenge: search the word LOOK in your current WIP, pick your favorite and post the three paragraphs around the word. Of course you know what comes next, pick five other writers to do the same.

After much searching and even more thought, here are my three paragraphs…

Mark felt so good under her hands. His firm body trembled as the tips of her fingers traced the inside of his elbows and drifted up to his broad chest, caressing his muscles before tracing his abs with her thumbs.

When she lifted her gaze back up to his face, his stunningly blue eyes focused on hers intensely. She could’ve looked into them forever, longing evident in their expression. To be wanted by a man like Mark, someone so soulful and caring, she felt undeserving yet so lucky at the same time.

They stared at each other until she cupped his face and pulled him closer, wanting to lick his lips and taste him. Mark slid his hands around her waist and tucked them under her shirt. The skin-on-skin contact sent a fever rush of blood through her body, her heart pounding with anticipation.

Hope you like the excerpt. I won’t tag five people, but I’ll leave it open for anyone else who might want to participate in ‘The Look’.

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