White Trash Cookin’ fer me friends


By: Ernest Matthew Mickler

“She don’t know me from Adam’s housecat.”

–Nelda Welch, Hot Coffee, Mississippi

You asked for it!

For Natasha: I could find anything with CoCola but I thought you’d enjoy this.


Make sure all the hair is cleaned off the squirrel. Cut it up. If it’s old and tough, put it in the pressure cooker for about 15-20 minutes.

Salt and pepper it. Cover with flour and fry in a cast iron skillet on a medium fire until brown and tender. This is a real sweet meat.

You can smother a squirrel just like a chicken.


DarkSculptures: I found possum but I though you’d like this better.


The only place you can find alligator is near the coast or the inland swamps in the South. So if you’re lucky enough to get a holt to an alligator tail, there’s a section about a foot long just behind the back legs that’s tender and juicy. You cut it in sections at the joints just like you would a pork chop. Salt, pepper and flour each piece of tail and then fry in hot grease until golden brown. Or you can barbecue it with Bosie’s Barbecue Sauce (Page 49). He had alligator in mind when he concocted it.

If you haven’t eaten ‘gator tail before, you’re in for a surprise. It’s gonna taste a little bit like chicken, a little bit like pork, and a little bit like fish. It’s so good, you’ll wanna lay down and scream.


And my favorite…


For a light supper, crumble soda crackers in warm milk. Salt, pepper and eat with a spoon.

Oh yeah, this is vegetarian too, fer y’all.

Hooka tooka my soda crackers?

Does yer Mammy chew tobaccer?

If yer Mammy chaw tobaccer then

That Hooka tooka my soda cracker?

11 thoughts on “White Trash Cookin’ fer me friends

  1. I never found anything with CoCola but almost everything had bacon and soda crackers.
    Is that a song? I had no idea! It was attached to the soda cracker soup recipe and I thought it was funny as I added it.
    You know, I didn’t forget to add a vegetarian recipe but I wasn’t sure if you were a vegan. If I look hard enough there might be something in there for vegans. There were tons of vegetable and breads. It was not as bad as I thought it would be. Except–there were a lot with oleo? Is that lard? YUK!

    1. That’s funny. Another blog I follow had a post that dealt with bacon this week. And how did we get from Road Kill to cookbooks again? Natasha!LOL

      I almost want to write another post about road kill, but maybe I’ll move on to swamp cabbage instead.

  2. I cain’t figure out you screwball Southerners! Is the cookbook fer real?? I cain’t be too sure.

    LOL! the whole thing is hilarious, but I love the Pore Folk soup: “Oh yeah, this is vegetarian too, fer y’all.”

    I really needed a laugh today and ya’ll came through!

    1. It is for real, that’s why posted the picture. I got it on ebay with a bunch of other cookbooks, I just never looked inside until last night. I pick-out the strangest recipes I could find but they weren’t all bad, believe it or not. They also had fried rabbit and possum. 🙂 There’s even a “White Trash Cooking II”.

    2. NEVER FEAR, folks! I will respond with a southern vegan vengeance. One of my current cookbooks even has a section called ‘Trailer Park Specials.’

      Let me work on it and hopefully post sometime this week-end.

      Bon appetit!

  3. I’m kinda feelin’ like I’m at my sisters. LOL.

    It was a lot of fun reading these. You know, now I know why northerners think southerners are so strange. I hope they don’t think we “all” eat like this.

    I admit, we do our share of BBQ – except we buy our meat at the grocery store like everyone else. 😉

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