What I will need for NaNoWriMo

Here we go again. Has it really been a year since NaNo 2009. It feels like yesterday.

One week to go and I’m preparing my work space.

Most important:

I’ll need my IPOD set to my story Playlist.

My trusty Websters Dictionary and Thesaurus

A few other references books:

No Plot? No Problem

Struck and White ‘The Elements of Style’

Character worksheets so I don’t forget who I’m writing about.

Photo’s and descriptions of my characters.

My story beat sheet. Which isn’t complete, but I have all the important plots points penciled in.


Notepad (or several notepads 🙂  )

Fresh pencils, blue ink pens, and yellow highlighters

Box of tissue, for when I can’t handle the stress and decide to have a mental breakdown.

Warm slippers (It looks like it might be a rainy, cold November)

My favorite pajama pants–and a back up pair.

A list of stretches so I don’t injure my hands. And a stretch break program on my computer so I know when to take a break.

Lots and lots of coffee. Peet’s French Roast is my favorite.

I also need to stock up on groceries so my family doesn’t starve. That would be bad…

16 thoughts on “What I will need for NaNoWriMo

  1. Yep, me too – getting ready with all the essentials – I think I have my space ready. I need to convince my kitty that she does not need to sit on my lap while I type (without hurting her feelings). Tell me about your computer stretch program – sounds like a good idea! I bought a large dry erase board that I have drawn my concept of the grounds and buildings around the museum. Its proped up behind my computer. I’ve been looking for pictures of my characters, but haven’t found them yet. What I’m lacking is scene ideas, but that’s what this week is for. I’m nervous! And when I look at the region group I’ve joined, I am suprised at how many of them are college students (and even a few HSers). Best of luck to you!

    1. I’ve found that I don’t need to put to much effort into mapping out all my scenes. They come to me as I write. I did map out my plot points and major scenes but everything else just happens as I write. After I finish a scene, I ask myself essential questions. Does this scene have enough conflict? Does this scene move the story forward? Things like that.
      My stretch program is RSIGuard. You can sign up and get 45 days free. It’s an awesome program! It tracks your mousing and typing usage and forces you to take breaks as you need them. It also has a lot of short cuts to cut down your usage, things like Autoclick–you point your mouse on something and it double clicks it for you. Every so often it tells me to take a 10 second break too, which I sometimes have to ignore. 🙂

  2. I’m going to look into RSIGuard. Right now I’m trying to convince the cat that she doesn’t really need to sit across my forearms while I’m typing.

    I bought a pair of leopard-print leggings at Target for yoga. They may be the most important component of my go-to outfit for NaNo as well. Wish, now, I’d bought a second pair.

  3. HA HA. I typed risguard instead of rsiguard into Google search and got some pretty scary stuff, including a YouTube video for building an AK-47. or something like that.

    yup, I thought, Dayner’s gone bonkers and NaNo hasn’t even started yet!

    1. I make no promises of sanity, especially 8 days before NaNo and 3 days before the World Series.

      Are you going to post a picture of the leopard-print leggings? 🙂

  4. You sound way ahead of me this year!! I have a bunch of bottles of wine and a stack of Kleenex. Other than that, I am completely unprepared!!

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