What every writer dreams of…

I never thought my book, Dangerous Embrace, would see the light of day.

I hoped, but never dared dream. I’m not the type of person to grab the bull by the horns and self publish. I have a full-time job, commute, three kids, two dogs and a husband—all of which require too much of my time. With all that going on, who wants to deal with the business side of publishing? NOT ME!

Problem solved! After winning second place in their ‘A Month of Romance’ contest, I was offered and accepted a publishing contract with Sapphire Star Publishing.

Haven’t heard of them? Well their pretty new, but from what I’ve seen, they have a great recipe for success.

I couldn’t ask for a more friendly and attentive team behind me and my book. I hate to gush but they’re gush worthy for sure. Doesn’t every girl love to be treated like a queen? I do! And that’s how I feel when dealing with Amy and Katie. And that’s not to mention the other authors signed to SSP. They’re already treating me like part of the family.

So here’s the low down: Dangerous Embrace, the first in The Embrace Series, will be released on October 4, 2012. Just typing that and knowing it’s going to happen is so much fun (sorry, gushing again).

Those of you who’ve been around since the beginning, your support has been a priceless gift. Thank you for that. I hope you’ll stick around for the ride. Those of you who are new to me and my writing, welcome aboard. I look forward to a long relationship with you.

11 thoughts on “What every writer dreams of…

    1. It is very exciting, Linda. I can’t wait to see how things shape up. It’s a fabulous feeling, having a team of people to help navigate through this. Thanks for the support you’ve given me the last couple of years.

  1. Whoop whoop! Congratulations again, Dana! It’s so exciting that you signed that contract and I am thrilled to meet you in the SSP family of authors! I agree with everything you say about the great team at Sapphire and I can’t wait to see how the journey shapes up for the whole SSP family. Really thrilled for you and “Dangerous Embrace” and can’t wait to read it. Well done on making this happen with a full-time job, three kids, a husband and two dogs: you are a superstar!

    1. Thanks, Nicky! I’m having a lot of fun with this group. Everyone is very supportive and encouraging. I just wish I had more time to spend being as supportive.

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