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I’ve had this book on my list for a while. I haven’t gotten to it yet, but after reading the Mark of Nexus series by Carrie Butler, I have zero doubt this is equally excellent! Don’t worry, I’ll have the Mark of Nexus series highlighted in a future post! For now, I want to talk about Carrie’s newest release because it looks so good and I don’t think it gets the attention it deserves. As We Know It is part romance and action-adventure…or whole action-adventure and part romance from the sound of it.

If you don’t believe me, check out these review quotes!

“OMG! what a ride….. I wanna go again! Matter of fact, as soon as I get done writing this, I AM goin’ again! I read ’em (dystopian) and I write ’em…. but I bow to this young lady’s writing talents. I was unbelievably entertained the WHOLE time! Action after action and not the plain ol’, “I can guess what’s going to happen next.” No sir! every time you think you have it….Carrie comes up with some yet untouched twist and hands it to you unapologetically.” ~Amazon Reviewer

“What a fantastic read. Honestly. I’ll admit, I was a little thrown off by how this book began. I opened it up, and for a few short minutes, I sank into what felt every bit to be a contemporary romance. I forgot for a moment that the cover looked apocalyptic, and then BOOM, everything changed—much like, I imagine, it changed for Elena and Vincent.” ~Amazon Reviewer

“I found it very refreshing that this author gave a realistic plot line that was carefully woven with earthquake & tsunami action and adventure. The storyline was woven with Veteran PTSD, emotional abuse, self-esteem issues, PTSD trauma, weight issues and so much more issues that I really do not have the words for. I couldn’t keep track of the all the issues but she blended them right into the book for a perfect balance.”
~Amazon Reviewer

As We Know It

Deep beneath the ocean, stretching hundreds of miles alongside the Pacific Northwest coastline, lies the Cascadia subduction zone—a fault on the verge of unleashing a catastrophic earthquake, thirty times more powerful than the San Andreas. Unfortunately, like most tourists, Elena Cordova is oblivious.

She’s got her own pent-up stress to deal with, a humiliating breakup that’s driven her to end her tenure as a human doormat once and for all. So, when a pickpocket makes off with the last remnant of her relationship, she takes action—only to get trapped with him when disaster strikes.

Now, if either one hopes to survive, they’ll have to get past their initial impressions and work together… because in fifteen minutes, half the town will be underwater.

A Note from the author:
This book, above all others I’ve written, has truly taken on a life of its own.

We’ve got our heroine, a second-generation Spanish American who’s on a trip to shake the effects of an abusive relationship; and then we have our hero, a local homeless veteran struggling with PTSD and alcohol dependence. On paper, they’re so different. They’re coming from such different places. But when trapped together in midst of disaster, a friendship develops on this raw, human level.

From there, we see them fight to survive everything folks are going to face in real life, i.e. the earthquake, tsunami, aftershocks, scarcity, landslides, violence, isolation, etc. It sounds morbid, but there’s real grit in there. People have this enduring, dimensional capacity to still seek humor amidst grief and love amidst chaos. Truly, I can’t wait for you guys to read it.

About Carrie Butler:

Carrie Butler is an award-winning author and the owner of Forward Authority full-service studio–not to mention an inbound-certified marketer with a penchant for superhero socks and Firefly. Time away from her desk is spent playing with her rescue pup, yelling at the TV during hockey season, and indulging in target-based recreation. Otherwise, you’re likely to find her glued to her chair, discovering new ways to share her daydreams…

The Mark of Nexus series has appeared on Amazon bestselling, top-rated, and hot new release lists in various genres. It has also been mentioned in publications like USA Today and Writing New Adult Fiction–a how-to from Writer’s Digest.

Where to find Carrie Butler:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

…more about Carrie Butler

Carrie does more than just write fabulous books! She’s also a cover designer and artist. She’s the person behind the new Embrace Series book covers. To learn more about Carrie’s design services, check out her website or Facebook page.

Her other talents…

Check out Carrie’s awesome Fire Draw Gifts in her Etsy Shop! Trust me when I say, Carrie Butler is multi-talented!

You can find Carrie’s art with the following links:
Website | Facebook | Etsy | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

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