Upward and Onward

I sighed up for a new writing class that started on January 20th. It’s Writeriffic: Creativity Training for Writers with Eva Shaw. I’m already feeling better about writing and creativity. The message boards are full of people like me and just like with BWW I feel like I’ve found my own kind again. Whadda ya know, I’m not an outcast because I have serious doubts about my writing. Everyone goes through this.

Per class instructions, today I’ll start my writer’s journal and I’ll spend a couple of hours a week reading a book on the craft of writing.

I’ll also start spending an hour a week doing something creative that’s not related to writing. Do you think coloring with my son applies to this assignment?  I could draw or paint but I suck at it. I thought about making collages or something like that. Jennifer Crusie does a collage for each book, they’re huge sometimes going from floor to ceiling. I could do that when ever I have an idea for a short story to jump-start the idea.  I would love to knit or do needlework but I think the repetitive motion could re-injure my hands and hinder my ability to type.

What do you think? Do you have any suggestions on other creative projects?

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  1. Cooking is a creative endeavor.
    Gardening is a great way to relax and let your mind wander.
    Off the wall science projects with the kids is a lot of fun.

    Have fun with the class. I could have saved you the buck-ten and just sent you my material. LOL

    1. buck-ten…wow they’re charging you Floridians more then us Californians. 😉
      Great ideas! Except I cook every stinkin’ night of my life and that has taken all of the fun out of it.
      I may try an indoor garden for now. I’ve been learning about orchids from a friend at work.

      1. It’s interesting to see the different fees for ed2go. NC is very inexpensive; I was telling a friend in MA about BWW, and it cost almost twice as much there — with some variation depending on what community college you took it thru….

  2. Ok, you asked, so here’s my suggestion. How about Scrapbooks (or on computer discs – I’m pretty computer challenged so did a picture book) for your kids. Put together one for each child starting back with pictures of you and your husband as kids, then pictures of them as babies to now. I’ve been doing that for each grandchild and its fun!

    1. Scrapbooking might be a good idea. I have detailed baby books. I guess I could just continue the trend for the following years through elementary school and high school.

    2. I love to scrapbook, but can I give you a tip? If you haven’t done it too much before, go get one of those really small books and do a tiny theme book…you can put like 10-12 photos in with sayings, etc. and do it one afternoon. I’ve even done them for friends. I’ve given the to friends as a shower gift with photos of the couple together, cute sayings, and maybe even a note from me. Or you could do a book about your NaNoWriMo experience! Something easy. When I do a big book it can take me months!

  3. I’m excited for you. I love the ed2go writing classes. Sometimes I really need a direction to go in with my writing and having assignments is great motivation.

    I hope you have six weeks of fun and learn as you go.

  4. What craft book are you going to read? I just picked up King’s again. I don’t know WHY I ever STOPPED reading it. doh!

    I love doing collages (been doing them for decades on my own), but mine aren’t nearly Crusie worthy. We usually sit as a family on the weekend, each with a sheet of construction paper and a pile of magazines scissors and glue sticks in the middle. We each make one, and it’s really fun for the kids (shh, dad likes it too!). Sometimes I just make one with stuff I like, and sometimes I pull images for my story ones. Usually I just tape story/character images onto a little whiteboard I keep near my computer.

    But yes, I HIGHLY recommend finding something creative you like that isn’t writing. It’s really made a difference for me.

    Um . . . what else . . .
    I have piles of scrapbooking stuff, but I quit for a while when I started messing with pics on the blog. But it is fun and has a similar fun factor to collaging.

    I started sewing a couple of years ago. I think for exactly this reason. I started making stuff for the baby, but now I make bags and purses and fun stuff just for me (well, mostly gifts, but I save something for myself once in a while) and I find the fabric stores to be great sources of color therapy. And it’s something creative (especially when I make up my own designs and patterns) but still something that requires focus and attention (can’t sew those fingers!) and keeps my mind busy without putting it on overdrive.

    1. First I need to finish Self-Editing for Fiction Writers. I have a awful habit of starting these books and not finishing them. I WILL FINISH THIS BOOK! 🙂 I would like to read Stephen King’s book. I think right now I need to concentrate on tightening up my scenes so I may go look for a book about that. I want to read Bird by Bird and The Artist’s Way too.

      1. And I forgot my list of must reads this year as promised in my Goals for 2010.
        Plot and Structure by: James Scott Bell
        Dialogue by: Gloria Kempton
        Conflict, Action & Suspense by: William Noble
        A Natural History of the Senses by: Diane Ackerman

      2. I have a partially read copy of Bird by Bird waiting for me too. And I really have always wanted to read The Artist’s Way. Why have I not read these books???

      3. Dayner, I’m reading this book, too and I am determined to finish it. I’m reading a ch. a day and plan to finish this week, then head into the Revision part of the book. Let me know how it goes for you!

  5. I’ll be interested in what you think of the Writeriffic course. I took Writeriffic II and really couldn’t stay with it, maybe because it was more about publishing and I wasn’t there yet….

    (And also, I admit, the fact she spelled ‘Hemingway’ WRONG in the first lesson really burned me…..)

    1. Maybe I just had a bad run because of the holiday and the class was small. Maybe the instructor was a little preoccupied with her vacation in Hawaii and the woman in the class who posted half of her memoir instead of the assignments, or maybe I’m just ticked off because I don’t feel like I got a hundred dollars worth of instruction because there was only six writing assingments and six test in a twelve session course… So, Momma always said, “If you ain’t got something nice to say…” Oh, but I just did — didn’t I!

      1. Well if I told you that I’d be a liar. It almost felt like half a class, but I’m using all of the other ed2go classes I’ve taken (5) as the comparision. Twelve lessons, twelve assignments and twelve test.

        Maybe I just expected more, but it didn’t seem like the class material lined up with the syllabus either. It is possible she cut the class I was in by 1/2 because of the holiday and she knew she would only be available a few days out of the week. From my perspective it was not worth the money.

        Ann’s – and every other class I’ve taken -had several pages of course material for each lesson (min 10 average). This class the max was six and that includes the assignment, FAQ and supplementary material. With the exception of the introductory first lesson which was eight.

        I’d be curious to find out if your lessons align with mine, because if they don’t I’m going to demand a refund.

        1. One difference is, my class has a ton of people. Maybe 40 or 50. I just printed lesson two today…and yeah, it’s only five pages. How much will this class suck if I have to compete with that many people for the instructors attention if it sucked for you in a small class.

          1. My feeling on the Writ. II class coincided with DS’s thought that there was zip content — and I frankly got tired of her telling us again and again how wonderful she was — if she was so damn wonderful, she would have proofread and corrected the typos in her woefully inadequate lesson material.

            But that’s just my opinion.

          2. Ouch! But, yes, I took two classes with Eva and while they were OK, she definitely has a different style of teaching and I didn’t think her exercises were too heavy the writing side. That’s what I liked about Ann’s class (why doesn’t she do more of them?!?) – that being said, I did like Eva’s class on writing your Memoir (or something like that).

  6. And thank you for the impetus — I’ll try to post some things I’ve done for creative endeavors this week-end. I’m still trying to recover from a horribly emotionally draining week.

    1. How’s the pup?
      I really like the class so far. As I’m such a bad speller I wouldn’t care about misspelling Hemingway but I understand how you could be annoyed. 🙂 Youda thunk she could learn how to spell such an important name while getting that PhD 🙂

      1. The little guy died yesterday. We made the decision while we were at the vet’s and she showed us new x-rays with new bad things in them. It was heart-wrenching but the right thing to do for him. We were with him; the entire staff was there crying with us.

        I don’t generally think about the possibility of heaven for people, but I sure hope there is one for dogs and that he’s there playing with Patch right now.

        Now I have to go bawl some more.

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