Two new releases on the same day! Which should I read first?

I’ve been waiting for months to read this book. Finally, it’s release day for Amy Gregory’s Racing to Love ~ Carter’s Treasure.

From the outside, Molly West had everything, beauty, brains, and a career she’d retired from not once, but twice. Being in the limelight and in a sport that was male driven, she was often surrounded men. She ignored first the boys, and as she got older, the men. Unfortunately, they were all the same, all after one thing, and she had absolutely no use for them. Her cold shoulder and patented not a chance in hell look were usually enough to get her point across. Occasionally, she had to resort to her sass—and her brother.

Molly had no plans in changing what was a perfectly good system. That is until she walked into the pits. When she stood toe-to-toe with the sex in jeans, she knew right then and there that the man her adoptive mother always told her was out there, was now standing right in front of her.

Carter Sterling had traveled the racing circuit since he was a boy. He’d heard all the old standbys, She’s out there somewhere, love comes along when you least expect it. Good things come to those that… Yeah, he’d heard them all. The last place he expected to meet the love of his life was on a pro track. All she did was smile, and he knew, looking into her sapphire blue eyes, Molly West was his. Forever.

If it was only that easy. From the moment he laid eyes on her, he had a gripping feeling in him. An overwhelming need to protect her. A girl he’d just met. Carter had learned a long time ago that gut feelings are almost never wrong.

Molly now held his heart in her hands, but it was going to take a lot more than just love to protect her from the past she thought she’d buried a long time ago.

Another book I’ve been waiting for is the much anticipated The Quintessential Gemini by Linn B Halton. Linn lives in the UK and writes romantic fiction with a psychic or astrological theme and many of the paranormal events that feature in her books are real life experiences. Sounds like fun to me.

Here is a little bit about The Quintessential Gemini:

The Quintessential Gemini – a fun, romantic story about Katherine Dale and the three men in her life!  Two astrologers and a cat named No. 4.  Who would have thought that this rather reserved lady would end up caught in a mystic love triangle…. if only!

For twenty-one years the main focus of Katherine Dale’s life has been her work.  Love interests and hobbies came and went; but always there for her, her only constant – other than her cat delightfully named No. 4 – was her nine to five habit.   Until she’s replaced.

Her confidence is dented and she’s angry; at life and at herself.  She’s failed to grasp the office politics that were going on around her and ignored hints of ‘changes to come’ in her horoscope forecasts. Forover twenty years she has followed Mark Ainsley-Thomas, a renowned Astrologer in the UK and USA.  His daily forecasts direct the way she lives her life as a typically complex Gemini.  Mark is now an ‘A’ list celebrity and his new Agent is determined to raise his profile in America, so he has to take on James Kingman to help him run his website.

Katherine is totally confused by James’ forecasts.  After a couple of Email exchanges, James admits he’s writing the daily forecasts now instead of Mark and advises her ‘it’s probably best not to get too bogged down with the minute detail’.  Katherine explodes and drafts a reply, letting out all of the hurt and anger she’s been bottling up.  She feels better afterwards and instead sends James a much friendlier Email, acknowledging Mark has a unique style and wishing him luck.  To her horror she receives a tirade back from James and realises she sent the wrong Email !

The story is told through the eyes of Katherine, Mark and James.  Gossip results in all three being named in a national newspaper headline ‘Mystic Love Triangle Surprise’.

The problem is, what will Mark’s wife say when she hears this shattering news – especially as it isn’t true?  What will Katherine’s family think now she’s a scarlet woman?  And as for James, well – can it possibly get any worse?

So let’s start at the very beginning….

With all these great new stories coming out today, you better believe Sapphire Star Publishing will be partying on Twitter all day long. Check out hashtag #SSPub & #SSPParty to join in the fun. If your interested in learning more about Amy Gregory, check out her blog. If you’re interested in learning more about Linn B. Halton and her other books, visit her website.

7 thoughts on “Two new releases on the same day! Which should I read first?

  1. Oh Dana, what a conundrum! I’ll definitely be starting with TQG. Actually, no, I’ll be Racing to Love first. No, TQG. No, RTL. Oh why can’t I read both at the same time??? I’ll need to flip a coin, what with so many exciting books coming from Sapphire these days!

    Congrats to both Amy and Linn on launch day, and thanks for bringing us the news, Dana!

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