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I’ve been TAGGED. Don’t worry it’s not contagious. . .well, unless I tag you at the bottom of the page.

So here’s the deal, I was tagged yesterday by the lovely romantic suspense author and editor extraordinaire, Nancy S. Thompson, for the Tag, You’re It Blog Hop.

This is an easy one, just answer 4 questions then tag 3 others. All right, here goes…

1. What are you working on right now?
I thought you’d never ask. 🙂 BOOK THREE! Broken Embrace is consuming my life right now. With Dangerous Embrace and Precious Embrace already out there, I’m anxious to get Broken Embrace finished and in the hands of readers as soon as possible. It hasn’t been easy, let me tell you. This story is ripping my heart out. Brian and Melissa have such a tumultuous past, it’s hard to remember the story outside of their relationship. Oh, but don’t worry, there is plenty of cringe-worthy suspense to keep you turning the pages too.

2. How does it differ from other work in its genre?
That’s an interesting question. I’ve been accused of writing outside the box, or maybe some would say, writing outside of people’s comfort zones. Dangerous Embrace explored a relationship between Mark and Sarah while she recovered from attacks made on her life, but not only that, Sarah is also a rape and abuse victim. Having been emotionally and physically abused by a former boyfriend, Sarah isn’t interested in any kind of relationship, much less a knight in shining armor. It takes a strong will and a gentle spirit to help Sarah get over her past and fall in love again. Why is this different? I didn’t shy away from the bad stuff. There are some pretty graphic and violent scenes in this book and if you’re sensitive to crimes against women, you’re not going to be comfortable reading Dangerous Embrace. I wanted this to be real, and to be real, I needed to be honest.

Precious Embrace begins months after a one-night stand. When Johnny pays Ali a surprise visit, she makes it clear she’s not ready to start a new relationship while still going through a divorce. But when her baby is brutally stolen for her, she has nowhere else to turn, but to the one person who not only cares about her, but has fallen in love with her baby too. As a mother, I wrote about my worst nightmare. That’s out of every woman’s comfort zone. Not only does it explore child abduction, but I believe Ali’s portrayal as a mother is very real in this situation. I didn’t shy away from it either and I didn’t make her superwoman. She’s scared and just a little shy of crazy throughout most of the book. Any mother who has had a missing child will relate to this. While we all like strong heroines in our romance novels, we also need them to be realistic.

It’s true, even your children aren’t safe in Dana Mason Romance. And to prove it, I bring you Broken Embrace. Melissa and Brian are old high school sweethearts. She’s still heartbroken over the way he left things with her years before, and he’s happily married. At least, he thinks it’s a happy marriage until he loses his wife hours after finding her in the arms of another man. When he’s finally ready to move forward again with Melissa, he finds out his sixteen-year-old daughter has a secret about the ‘other man’ that will forever change all of their lives. What is this secret. . .I bet it’s not what you think or what you’re expecting. You’ll have to wait and see.

3. Why do you write?
Jeeze, why not? I love it. I love creating new character and pushing them into impossible situations. I can’t think of a better creative outlet or a better way to spend my time. Why watch TV when I can make stuff up myself? Writing is so interactive. I fall in love with my characters, I get my heartbroken with my characters, I seek revenge, I seek redemption right alongside the people I’ve created. It’s so much fun and very fulfilling.

4. How does your writing process work?
It always starts with an idea. Usually a one liner from a headline or a song lyric inspires the idea. Once I’ve got an idea in my head, it ignites like a wild fire out of control. I start writing and don’t stop until I have everything down on paper. Then I have to clean it up. I call it ‘in the zone’. When I’m in the zone, I have trouble concentrating on anything else but the story I’m writing. I carry a notebook everywhere, I stop people mid-conversation to write notes sometimes, and I carry a voice recorder so I can record things in the car during my commute.
If I have a vision for a scene, I write it, even if I don’t have a place for it yet. It’s not out of character for me to write the last scene before writing the first, although, I usually write the opening paragraph first. They usually come to me while I’m sleeping and I have to jump up and write it down immediately before I lose it. It’s the curse of the opening paragraph…or you could call it a blessing. At least I’m not spending hours looking for an opening line.

Okay, so now to tag a few of my own.

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