Sunset on Summer Fun Blog Hop & #Giveaway

hop-summer-september-1Ah, the end of summer. It makes me sad to see if go, but excited to welcome Autumn. My summer was full of great things. Summer started with my daughter’s high school graduation. Once all the excited from that was over, we celebrated the release of my second novel, and book two in the Embrace Series. Precious Embrace was released by Sapphire Star Publishing on July 11th.
In August, my daughter started college and her very first job. She’s working hard, but enjoying her first taste of adulthood and freedom.
September brought the wedding of my little brother. He finally married his long time girl friend, and designer of my website, Valerie Neumark. We’re very excited to see her finally officially join our family.

How was you’re summer? Do you want to win some prizes and one final last hurrah before the weather starts changing and the leaves start falling?

I’m giving away one ebook copy of Dangerous Embrace, book one in the Embrace Series. Dangerous Embrace opens on a breezy California September evening. Here is a short excerpt for Chapter One:


The sky was on fire. At least, Sarah Jennings thought the orange glow resembled fire when she stepped out of the double, glass doors of Oakbrook Elementary School. Even with fire in the sky, the deserted school grounds were too dark for her taste.
She hated being the last teacher to leave. How stupid of her not to check the time, but she couldn’t refuse when parents showed up unannounced at her classroom door. Not even when it got her behind. It’d been a shock to see Noah’s mom and dad together. Especially knowing they were going through a terrible divorce. Noah looked more shell-shocked and withdrawn every day since school had started. Of course she put everything on hold to give them her undivided attention. She’d hoped this was a sign they were going to make him a priority and stop the petty fighting.
Sarah’s eyes scanned the grounds again before turning toward the parking lot. She kept her pace normal. She wouldn’t let old fear push her to run to her car like a coward. She wasn’t in the city anymore. This neighborhood was safe and quiet, and she needed to just breathe through it and move ahead.
In college, the dark, foggy San Francisco nights left her in a constant state of fear. Always afraid she’d been found, running through parking garages, looking for stalkers hidden in shadowed corners. She wouldn’t live like that now. It’d been too long, and she given up too much already.
Sarah gripped the purse on her shoulder and turned toward the ramp leading to the parking lot. The school sat on a hillside, and the walkway connected the school grounds with the teachers’ lot. A waist-high, metal handrail bordered the elevated ramp with a ten-foot drop down to a gravel hillside.
Sarah started across, but stopped when a tingling sensation attacked her scalp. She waited and listened, her pulse a little quicker than a few minutes ago. That’s when she heard running footsteps. She looked up and met his eyes, a sick smile spread across his face. Fear dripped down her spine like a drop of cold water, and she knew she was in trouble. He moved fast considering his bulk, and as he got closer, his piercing glare became more menacing.

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That’s not the only prize you can win! Use the Raffelcopter below to enter to win a Kindle Fire or an HD Nook from BTS Emag!

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