Six Sentence Sunday

This installment of Six Sentence Sunday is from Chapter 10 of my novel, Dangerous Embrace.

Mark has taken Sarah to the beach, hoping to get her mind off things and give her a change to relax. Unfortunately he can’t pass up the chance to get to know her better and he starts questioning her about her past. When his questioning gets too personal, she walks away from him.

He wanted to know what her sweater felt like, and the faded jeans on her legs. Run his hands through her wavy hair and smell it.
God, he was losing it. How had this happened?
He stood up, unable to watch any longer. When he approached, she didn’t turn. Her eyes were focused on the horizon, lost in what he hoped was a happy memory.

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4 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Great descriptions of what he’s feeling and wants to feel. I sense sadness in her the way her eyes are “fixed on the horizon.” You have me curious about what she’s keeping from him.

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