Second place–I’m okay with that!

It’s been a crazy week.

Let’s start with Friday, March 10th…

I woke up to a seemingly normal Friday morning, excited about the weekend of moving from one house to another…did I say excited. No, wrong word, more like CHARGED. I knew moving was a big job. Our family of five can out-collected any other family I know. Here is an example: I have 4 sofas. Not kidding. Okay…2 sofas and 2 loveseats but admit it, that’s a lot.

Anyway, back to my crazy week.

It’s Friday morning; I drive to work, walk the quarter mile to my building from the parking garage, and step into my overheated office to a slew of emails. Of course most of these emails were work related…except one, from Amy Lichtenhan. Don’t know who she is? Let me explain. She’s the author of Pulled and Take This Regret. She’s also co-owner of Sapphire Star Publishing.

I took a chance and entered my novel, Dangerous Embrace, into SSP’s A Month of Romance contest. Amy was writing to tell me that I won second place. My first response: Shut up! No–I did not just get second place in a writing contest. My second response was, I guess they only received two entries.

I’m still a little surprised. Two weeks ago I couldn’t get my best friend to read my novel and here was another writer telling me that I had placed second in a contest I knew I had no chance in winning. Of course I didn’t win, but who the hell cares. They liked it enough to give it second and sometimes second place is a nice spot to hold.

So what happened next…wait and see.

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