I’ve written so much of this story and I’ve weaved it so close that I can’t just go in and delete scenes. So I’ve decided to do a complete rewrite from chapter 13 forward. It’s exciting and scary at the same time. I get to place my characters in new situations that hadn’t occurred to me before. It’s writing a new middle. Taking out the guts and rearranging them, then putting them back in and hoping everything still works out in the end. SandwichIt’s hard to keep the character development intact while changing the plot and scenes.  It should be an interesting edit when I’m done. The first 13 chapters will be good while the middle will look like a first draft and the end will be good. Kinda like a ‘crap’ sandwich.

2 thoughts on “Rewriting

  1. “Crap Sandwhich!”

    I laughed so hard I think the neighbors heard me! You always have such a wonderful outlook, even with a task as daunting as rewriting a third of your manuscript.

    Good luck!

  2. LOL, I think the neighbors are hearing me right now!! I especially love that you have a photo of a crap sandwhich, just so we’re clear.

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