Precious Embrace #DeletedScenes

PreciousEmbrace_300I thought I’d do something a little different from the normal teaser. I love reading deleted scenes from books I’ve already read. It just so happens I have a few from Precious Embrace and Dangerous Embrace. I thought they’d be fun to share.

Here is a scene my editor didn’t like. Funny thing is, I’m pretty sure she didn’t like most of Precious Embrace, but this particular scene really seemed to get on her nerves. 🙂 This was pulled from when Johnny and Ali were still very distraught about Micah and not quite sure what to do with themselves while waiting for news. Of course, after reading, you’ll see that this scene doesn’t move the story forward at all, which is why it got deleted. BUT it’s still a fun scene from a moment when nobody should have been having fun.

Please keep in mind, as this was deleted from the manuscript very early so it is UNEDITED.

Ali went outside and found his feet sticking out from behind her birch tree. She walked around to where he sat, leaning against the tree with a bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand.
Johnny waved for her to sit with him. “I’ll share my stolen whiskey if you sit with me,” he said with a mischievous grin.
“I’ll sit, but I don’t think I want any whiskey.” She angled down next to him. “Who’d you steal it from?”
“Carl.” He snickered then handed her the bottle as he flicked the ash off his cigarette.
“Smoking and drinking, it’s a whole other you,” she said gesturing to the cigarette in his hand.
“I don’t smoke anymore, but Simms took pity on me. I don’t drink much either, but”—he shrugged—“I couldn’t resist when Carl left the bottle unattended.” His words were heavily accented, more than usual.
“How much of that have you had?”
“Take a swing, sweetheart. You just might like it.” He tilted the bottle in her direction. “It’ll definitely make you forget your problems for a short time.”
“I don’t have to smoke too, do I?” she asked glaring at the cigarette. She never thought she’d like the smell of cigarette smoke, having never lived with a smoker, but now that she was near it, she was oddly reminded of her father.
“Naw,” he said. “Here,” he took one more pull then smashed it into the dirt near the base of the tree. “It’s gone, is that better?”
“Yes, much better.”
“Go ahead take a swig—right from the bottle. Don’t worry, your mama won’t see.” He nudged the bottle closer. “I know it’s not very ladylike, but I didn’t bring a glass.”
Ali brought the bottle to her nose and sniffed. “I’ve never had whiskey before.”
He grinned. “Well then. . .I’m happy to be your first.”
Ali lifted the bottle to her mouth and took a sip, grimaced then swallowed. She opened her mouth and air gushed out. “Whoa,” she said putting her hand to her throat. “How do you drink that stuff?”
“A couple more sips and you won’t even feel the burn. Go ahead”—he pushed the bottle toward her—“I’ll hold your hair if you puke.”
“Wow,” she croaked. “Such the gentleman.” She lifted the bottle and took a bigger swig, making Johnny hoot at her. She’d happily drink the entire bottle if his promise of it making her forget her problems was true.
“That’s my girl, show ‘em how it’s done, sweetheart.” When she lowered the bottle, Johnny leaned over and held her against the tree covering her mouth with his. He sipped at her and she could taste the cigarette on him. He withdrew and smiled at her, “If you want to try smoking I might be able to talk Simms out of another one,” he drawled.
She laughed and felt a sudden heat in her face. “No smoking, it’s stinky.”
“Right, yeah, and I wouldn’t want to completely corrupt you.”
“It’s not like I’m some saint who’s never had a drink.”
“Okay. . .then what do you normally drink?” he asked leaning back against the tree. “Tequila? Vodka? Not whiskey and I haven’t seen you drink beer.”
“I drink wine sometimes.”
“Wine—sometimes?” He took the bottle from her hand. “Forget it, you can’t have anymore.”
“Ah—give it back.” She reached for the bottle. “I can have more if I want—you already promised to hold my hair, you can’t take it back now.”
“Fine. . .just fine,” Johnny drawled. “Have more, but I have to warn you, it ain’t for the faint of heart.”
“I can take it. I’m not faint-hearted, gimmie that.” She snatched the bottle out of his hand and lifted it, taking a long swig. When she pulled the bottle away she choked a little making him laugh. When she frowned at him, he grinned. God he had such a warm smile.
“Ahhun…sure,” he said egging her on. She brought the bottle to her mouth again and drank three swallows in a row. “Whoa, sweetheart, stop before you hurt yourself.”
She huffed out a breath. Her limbs were loose all of the sudden and heavy. Her head was a little clouded too. “You’re right, I do feel better.” And he was right about the burn too; she could hardy taste the whiskey now.
“You need to eat. You promised me to take better care of yourself,” he said pushing off the ground.
“But . . . we were having such a good time.”
“You didn’t eat and now you’re drinking whiskey on an empty stomach. I’m a bad caretaker.” He threw the bottle out onto the lawn. “I couldn’t save Micah and now . . .”
“Hey, stop!” Ali tried to stand, but she lost her balance. Johnny reached out and snatched her up before she fell back down. “See, you always catch me when I fall. You’re a good caretaker.”
“I dare you to try to say that again without slurring your words.”
She frowned again. “Can’t.”
“Okay, but you can eat, right?” She nodded and swayed again. “Then let’s go.” He pulled her by the waist back into the house.

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