6 thoughts on “Police search for missing Suisun City woman – Sacramento News

  1. My heart goes out to this woman and her family and friends. I feel for you as well because I imagine the fact that she was last seen at a location near you makes it more real.

    I’ll be thinking of her.

  2. Did I ever tell you the story about how this almost happened to me at Publix Grocery Store about 2-3 months back? I know all to well that sick feeling you get when this happens in a place that seemed so familiar and safe.

    I hope all turns out well. Passing the article along is the best thing you can do to help locate her.

      1. Yeah it was pretty scary, but fortunately the hubs has coached me well on what to look out for and what to do should I ever be approached. Those lectures came in handy.

        I think I’ll write a short story about the incident. I told my doctor about it at my last appointment and he was completely engaged. Of course he reminded me of how it could have turned out and that sort of freaked me out a bit.

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