New Author/Book Bling

Sixteen days and counting until the release of Dangerous Embrace. While I’m counting, I’m also collecting some new bling to go with the fast approaching date.

First, my business cards came back from the printer. They’re so pretty, I just want to stare at them. They’re double-sided with my logo on the back in black, white and blue.

A few days after I received my business cards, I got the bookmarks in the mail. They’re pretty too. 🙂

One side has the image from the cover and the title, the other side has the blurb from the back of the book.

Today I also received an email from my publisher with a copy of the book jacket. Seeing it whole, with my picture and my name, makes all this a little more real.

5 thoughts on “New Author/Book Bling

  1. Thank you, Elizabeth, Carrie, Linda and Natasha, and thanks for the support. It’s all coming together and, while I am excited, I’m a little nervous too. 🙂 It is only 14 days away!!

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