NaNo Winner Novel Sold!

Check out this interview with Pete Twohig. He sold his 2009 Nano story to HarperCollins. It was his first year participating. I don’t even have my 2009 Nano story edited, much less ready to sell.

I love his prep work. Read question two.

“I sold my NaNoWriMo Novel!” A Q & A with Pete Twohig

I usually write a couple of journal pages for each main character but writing dialogue is a great idea.

What method do you use to create your character’s voice?

5 thoughts on “NaNo Winner Novel Sold!

  1. I’m rather weary at the moment and can’t think of an intelligent thing to say. I’ve used up all my brainpower. I skimmed over Pete’s interview. It’s interesting.

    Write on, my friend.

  2. Thanks for sharing this…very cool! I love how he prepares: “I prefer to write a brief synopsis, then break it down into sentences, one for each chapter, then enlarge each into paragraphs.” I think I might try that. I wrote a synopsis for my story already, which I have sitting next to me. But breaking it apart might really help me out. I’ve never heard that suggestion, and it sounds right up my alley.

  3. Sounds like a good plan. wonder if I should scrap what I have so far and try his approach?

    Just kidding….I’m gonna keep going with what I’ve got so far…

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