NaNo update

My first day final word count is 5,954.

Wow, I’ve never tracked a day of writing before. I had no idea what the total would look like. I won’t have much time to write during the week so I wanted to get a good head start.

I woke up at 7am and as soon as I had a fresh cup of coffee in hand I went to work. I knew these early hours would be the quietest all day. My daughter had a Halloween sleep-over and stay up until the wee hours bartering off the least liked goodies. I tip-toed around the 5 teenagers crashed out on my living room floor and prayed they’d sleep late. I was not disappointed. As quietly as I could I typed away my first 1500 words until it was time for the late sleepers to eat breakfast.

The rest of the day was spent somewhere between feeding all the kids and doing the laundry. I think it was 3pm when everyone had finally gone home. I folded my last load of laundry and went back to work blasting my nano playlist in my headphones to block everything else out. I stopped again at almost 6pm to cook dinner, at that time I was over 3,000 words.

After eating dinner and my son’s bath-then bedtime I went right back to work, again with the blasting headphones. At one point I looked up to see my daughter waving dramatically at me. I yank off the headphones and gave her an exasperated look. “What?” I asked.  “Don’t ever give me a hard time about how loud my headphones are.” I smiled at her then went back to work.

Today this little monster greeted me when I got to work.   Spider 1.2

Yes, that is a huge spider in a huge web. Here’s another picture…Spider 2.2

Tonight after kid’s baths and bedtime I’ll start again (provided the monster doesn’t get me first). Wish me luck!

8 thoughts on “NaNo update

  1. Good Luck! Please tell me you left your little monster at work and you didn’t bring him home..creepy.

    I’ve had a fairly good day today. It’s time to take another scheduled break-Go outside, play with the dogs, hopefully not run into any monsters. Then it will be time to come back in and get a snack ready for my son who will be home from school soon.

    I don’t know if I will do any more writing tonight. Somewhere in the world it is 4:30 and happy hour has begun. Then again, maybe the mysterious glow of the laptop will draw me back in.


  2. Bravo, Dayner. You’re way ahead of schedule as far as daily quotas go. Good for you!!

    I think that spider should sit on your shoulder while you write; he looks like a good luck charm to me. He sure wants to be where you are!!

  3. I forgot to mention that the first picture of your creepy little friend makes it look like he is doing a handstand in the parking lot. I took a double and a triple take before looking at the second picture.

  4. Wow, Dayner, sounds like quite a day!! Very productive! Way to go! I miss the days of stepping over sleeping teenagers. I’m VERY impressed that you’re doing the NaNo thang with everything else jockeying for time and position.

    Looks like a golden orb spider from the silhouette. Does it have gold and brown spots and look like the Spider of Death? They are actually completely harmless, though after you’ve walked into one of their webs in the woods and are picking spider web out of your face and hair, it’s hard to believe. Hey, is that spider in the handicapped parking space? What nerve….

  5. I never said congrats on your amazing word count for Day 1! I am trying not to feel anything but happy that you and DS are sooooo far ahead of me. I am on Day 3 and I just hit what you had on Day 1…

    But today was MUCH better than yesterday, and I think it was good for my soul to do my writing earlier in the day so I am done. And if want to write more later, I can (instead of trying to hit my count at 9:30pm)!

    Great job!!

    1. Don’t feel left behind, I’m seriously overdoing it so I don’t get behind. I stayed up way to late last night. Tonight I need to go to bed. It’s just hard to stop when my head is so full of my story. Although I wake up every morning with a new idea then I have to get up and write it down so I don’t forget before the evening.

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