NaNo Update…

I know it’s been a while since I posted anything, but that’s because I have been writing a lot.

I thought I’d write slower during NaNo in order to save editing time later, but I find myself having trouble staying away from the laptop when the ideas are flowing. I’ve also learned to walk away when the ideas stop flowing. This last part being the most important. I no longer try to force it, if it’s not coming I walk away and think. I’ve been advised to keep writing–just keep writing. We’ve all heard that, but for me that creates more crap to edit later.

I’m having to revisit the prep/outlining/plotting that I’ve done so far. These characters have minds of their own and tend to go their own way. It’s not too bad but I’ve had to make several changes. I’ve decided to go with it as long as I still hit my major plot points.

Last I checked, my word count was 33,000 something. If I were writing a 50,000 word novel that would be great. I’m actually shooting for 80,000 words so I consider myself behind at the moment. It’s okay though. I know it needs serious edits and I’ve (again) left out some major descriptions, but I feel good about the bare bones of the story. I also feel good that I was able to step away from my other manuscripts and create new characters that I love just as much as those faithful first.

Here’s an excerpt if you’re interested. It’s unedited so go easy on me. 🙂

Mae glanced at the bottle of tequila. “Ryan called me. He’s worried about you. When I didn’t find you at your apartment, I knew you had to be here.”

“When did Ryan call you? I didn’t know Connor wasn’t coming until a few minutes before you walked in.”

“He wasn’t worried because of Connor.”

Bailey looked up at Ryan, now signing the latest Matt Nathanson song. “I can’t believe…he has such a big mouth.”

“I can’t believe you didn’t know you were adopted.”

Bailey leaned forward and rested her forehead on her fist. “Please don’t tell me you knew too.”

“Oh hell no, I had no idea.” Mae picked up the beer Colt slid down in front of her. “I can’t believe your mother never told you.”

“Yeah, well, it gets worse.”

“I’m afraid to ask…”

“They adopted me after finding me…” She stopped at Mae’s confused expression. “I was abandoned by my birth parents—left in the snow to die. My dad found me in the bushes outside his yard.” Bailey quickly downed another shot.

She slammed the shot glass down and looked over at Mae’s wide eyes.

“You are having a shitty week. First your mom dies, then you find out she wasn’t even your mother—oh but your actual mother left you in the snow to die.”

“You forgot—my boyfriend stood me up too.”

“Jesus, Bailey, go ahead, have another shot.”

Bailey poured another shot, turned to face the stage where Ryan was singing, then held the shot glass to him in toast. He winked at her as she drank it down.

“I guess there’s no point in trying to talk about this while you’re getting wasted.”

Bailey sucked on a lime wedge and shook her head.

On another note. Has anyone reading this ever been questioned by the FBI? I mean interviewed as a victim? If yes, are you willing to answer a couple of questions?

17 thoughts on “NaNo Update…

  1. You’re rocking and rolling your way to 80,000 words!! That’s more than incredible. Your novel rocks as well. There’s alot going on more than enough to keep the reader intrigued. That’s the kind of book everyone wants so keep up the pace! I’m lagging behind but enjoying the trip.

  2. Good dialogue! I am very interested in reading more of this story. Is it a romance or a mystery? (or a ‘lil of both?)

  3. I enjoyed your excerpt. Good dialogue! Thanks for sharing.

    Yay, 30,000 words! And good for you walking away when the story stops. I, too, see no sense in writing junk you know you’ll have to cut.

    One nit: Maybe this is only a typo in the excerpt, but you have SIGNING instead of singing in the fourth paragraph.

    1. LOL! Funny! Thanks for pointing that out. That’s what I get for not editing before posting to my blog. Now that I read it back I see several things I don’t like about it, but that’s for another day.

      1. I completely understand that. I just received some in-line critique notes from Trista on a couple chapters and as I read through it, I saw several little things I wanted to change. Not the changes she suggested–YET–but a word or bit of syntax in the chapter itself. Somehow that bit of distance, from my copy to hers, allowed me to see the text clearer.

  4. Wow, not sure how I missed this one last week — great dialogue. It really moves right along. And I’m interested in learning more about the characters from the little bit you’ve dangled in front of us here.

    Way to go.

    No, never interviewed by FBI. The only thing I did once that might be of interest to someone writing about darker aspects of life was spend a night in jail before our new jail was opened to ‘the public’. They invited people who worked with the court system to spend the night to see what it would be like — of course, knowing I could leave at any time and that I was there with other folks whose ‘crime’ was curiosity was a vastly different experience I suspect than the current residents have, but at least I can describe some of the details of what a cell is like.

  5. DING! DING! DING! Congratulations on making it first over the 50K mark! Finally made it too. Now have to continue shoveling at the same speed for the rest of the month to keep up momentum.

  6. “I no longer try to force it, if it’s not coming I walk away and think. I’ve been advised to keep writing–just keep writing. We’ve all heard that, but for me that creates more crap to edit later.”

    Different advice works for different people. Whether you compose through the block on paper or in your head doesn’t matter 🙂 Glad that you are thumbing your nose at conventional wisdom and doing what works for you!

    1. Thanks for visiting, Merrilee.
      I feel like I’m on a hamster wheel with the story. I’ll work it out I just need to slow down and focus. Quiet time, coffee, music, and a day off would help… 🙂 Maybe tomorrow.

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