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shower2When I stopped writing last night I left my main characters in the shower together. Now I can’t stop thinking about them. I realize I shouldn’t have left them in such an interesting predicament but I need to protect my hands from further injury. I have to pace my writing or I’ll never make through the month.

I’m reminded of those times when I’ve found a really great book. You know–those stories that consume your thoughts until you read the last page and then you continue to dwell on it for several more days. You put the book down at night to go to bed but can’t stop thinking about where you left your new friends. You have trouble sleeping and working, you just want to know what happens next. I feel that way now about my story. Writing is just as much of an adventure as reading, and honestly I feel this is truer when you haven’t really planned the story out before you start.

I hope my writing buddies are enjoying their new stories as much as I am enjoying mine.

8 thoughts on “NaNo update

  1. Have you ever tried any voice recognition software? Probably wouldn’t work for this month because you need to get it, train it and all that stuff, but it might be worth looking into in the future to protect your hands. A had some — I can’t remember if it was Dragon or not — and I thought about using it last year after I tore my rotator cuff. But it turned out that I could type just fine a couple of weeks after surgery.

    I’m so happy your characters are having fun in the shower!

    I’m not having quite the same involvement with my characters as you are, but I’m working on it. I decided I didn’t really like the character I thought I’d be focusing on, so I’m letting her rest by herself while I try to figure out if I should just send her out to tap dance at the county fair with the shovel murderer.

  2. I LOVE stopping in the middle of a fun, interesting scene, because it gives me momentum to start the next session. In fact, a teacher of mine once told me to stop mid-sentence. Best advice ever. I don’t always follow it, but it certainly gives you a way to immediately begin typing the next day.

    Glad you’re having fun with it!

    1. I never thought about stopping mid-sentence. I try to at least finish a scene but leaving the shower scene unfinished certainly gave me momentum when I started the next day. I’ll try it.

  3. Awesome, girl friend! I’m not enjoying my writing even close to the extent you’re thriving on yours.

    I suspect that’s my own fault. I need to write my characters into some humorous situations.

    Thanks for the reminder that whether I enjoy the rest of November’s writing is totally up to me.

  4. Oh what fun! I’ll have to try stopping in the middle of a scene.

    I usually tie things up in a nice tidy package for the night. The next day I start a new scene. But I spend the night thinking about the direction the story is taking.

  5. LOL – in the shower together. Steamy! (corny pun intended).

    I am with you, I have been obsessively thinking about my characters. I don’t like it, however, because so far my story’s been quite sad (as I’ve mentioned), so I find myself with a big lump in my throat for no particular reason.

    I was explaining what was happening next to the hubs the other night, and I started crying. I’m like, “Imagine how it…blahhh…would be to….blahh, sniffle….to do this to your child…blahhhh.” It was ugly.

  6. Kathan — It sounds like you are really getting into your characters, and that’s such a good thing for developing empathy and characters a reader can really care about.

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