My Nanowrimo playlist

headphoneheartEvery time I start a new project I build a playlist for that project. My IPOD has several playlists for my various stories.

For me this is an essential first step in writing. I live in a busy house with three active kids and a husband that can’t sit still. When I need to be alone in a busy room I stick the headphones in my ears and turn up the volume.

I signed up for Nanowrimo on September 22nd and I’ve been building the playlist for the story I plan to write since that day. I’m sure this list will grow as the days pass but here’s my work in progress.

  1. What about now – Daughtry
  2. Closer to Love – Mat Kearney
  3. Never Say Never – The Fray
  4. Someday – Rob Thomas
  5. Used To – Daughtry
  6. Dare you to move – Switchfoot
  7. Maybe – Ingrid Michaelson
  8. Chances – Five For Fighting
  9. Smile – Uncle Kracker
  10. Sunday Morning – Maroon 5
  11. With or Without you – U2
  12. Who Knew – Pink
  13. Here it goes again – OK Go
  14. Are you happy now –  Michelle Branch
  15. Time is running out – Muse
  16. Bittersweet Symphony – The Verve
  17. In the End – Linkin Park
  18. Our Lives – The Calling
  19. White Horse – Taylor Swift
  20. Shadow of a day – Linkin Park
  21. Shadowboxer – Fiona Apple
  22. Where ever you will go – The Calling
  23. The Sun – Maroon 5

I know it seems like a strange mix of music with no rhyme or reason but they all have a theme that fits my story. Each song has an individual purpose and helps me keep the emotions behind my writing fresh. If I play these songs when I can’t write, like in the car or at work then it helps me continue to brainstorm and come up with new ideas. They also inspire me while I write.

I find music and lyrics very inspiring. I may try my hand at song writing one day in addition to writing stories.

I tried to figure out how to have a working playlist on WordPress but had no luck. If you have any suggestion I’m open to hear them.

6 thoughts on “My Nanowrimo playlist

  1. I knew it.. In some strange world we are sisters.
    I haven’t built a playlist (great suggestion), but I have started thinking about what to listen to.

    I about peed myself when I saw #19. Shadowboxer – Fiona Apple, she is one of my favorite artist.

  2. What a great idea! I love making playlists for the “place” where I’m at in life. The only problem is, I can’t write when I am listening to music with lyrics. I get too distracted! So I am stuck with classical or jazz, which I like, but…

    1. There are days when I can’t write if the music has lyrics. I think it has something to do with how tired I am. Then there are other days when the lyrics seem to inspire the fingers to type that much faster.

      Funny thing–I can’t do math at all without very loud speed metal. Strange, I know.

  3. Uh oh.

    I need Complete Silence when I’m writing, otherwise I’m singing too. Or drumming to the beat.

    I’m totally impressed that you can organize your playlist to dovetail with and support your writing. Wow…

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