My Manuscript

I’m in the rewrite/revise stage of my first novel and my first attempt at creative writing. At 180,000 words its way too long so I’m trying to tailor it down to an acceptable size. I’ll post an excerpt under ‘Sarah & Mark‘ since its still isn’t titled. I hope you’ll take a look and give honest feedback.

Most of my writing tends to lean towards love stories and romance but unfortunately I have no creative soul mates. Most of my friends and family would rather burn at the stake then read a love story, which makes it hard for me to get feedback from them.

3 thoughts on “My Manuscript

  1. 180,000 words! I wish I could put together 2,000 that made any sense! My dream is to write a novel, but I don’t think I’ll ever get there… so I am jealous, really. I will try to get to the page and give you some feedback.

  2. When I finished it was 250,000. Does that tell you how much crap I already cut out. ;o) I guess it’s a learning process. I’ve never done this before so hopefully by my tenth or twelfth novel I’ll have it figured out. Thanks for checking it out!

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