My Favorite Weekend

The weekend after Thanksgiving is my favorite weekend of the year. Every year our family spends Friday night shopping for our Christmas tree. We also buy five new ornaments, one for each member of the family which we label with our names and dates.

We spend the rest of the weekend making our home festive. On Saturday while listening to Christmas music we string the lights then each place our own new ornament on the tree followed by ornaments from years past. Over the years our tree has grown and so has our ornament collection.

I grew up with few traditions so I’ve made a point to create traditions with my kids that we faithfully follow every year. Spending this weekend together is one of those traditions. As the kids get older and lose interest in family time it makes days like this even more special. We forget shopping, and friends, and extended family. We turn off the outside world and focus on each other.

After decorating the house I make hot chocolate while the kids make a huge bed on the floor next to the tree. The rest of the evening is spent watching our favorite Christmas movies under the twinkling lights of our new tree. We usually start with Elf staring Will Ferrell then we watch favorites like Home Alone and Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

I hope when my kids become parents they continue this tradition with their own families. By the time they marry and move on I may have enough Christmas ornaments to decorate three trees.

7 thoughts on “My Favorite Weekend

  1. My favorite too!!! I go shopping on the Friday, but the rest of the weekend is strictly family and decorating time. And, of course, ELF!!! Love that movie. 🙂

  2. Ahhh…..That is SO nice! I started baking this week-end and so the house if filled with nice cinnamon-y clove-y smells. But I miss my favorite baking companion (my son) who is in Boston and I won’t see him til December 23.

    We have always done a lot of home made things for the holidays. My favorite ornament is our tree top angel (I guess that’s what it is) that we call Moth-ra since it resembles that more than, perhaps, one of the heavenly host. Alex made it out of a toilet paper roll and tissue paper in nursery school. He’s now 6’2″ and sticks Moth-ra on top of the tree just standing there instead of with our big ceremony with a ladder or a chair or whatever he needed depending on how tall he and the tree were in any given year….

  3. Lovely!

    Our tree trimming tradition is the day after Thanksgiving.

    The following weekend up put up the outside decorations (which we limited this year due to the insane rate of electric in Florida). We purchase one new family ornament a year based on some event that happened during the year.

    My son is the keeper of the light for the nativity scene and each year he illuminates the face of baby Jesus. A responsibility he created on his own, which makes it very special for me as a mother.

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