Mommy’s Hugs

I wrote this as an assignment for my class. I didn’t put much effort into it. I was trying to have fun and write something cute I thought my son would like.


Mommy’s Hugs

Bobby’s mother had hugged him often. This is where he thought the power came from. Mommy’s hugs.

The first time he gently touched Mary, his Aunt’s cat, he knew. His hand grew warm and his stomach got butterflies. Mary had been in her last stages of life when Bobby gave her his gift and used his power on her. Everyone else felt sure the Vet had just healed Mary, but Bobby knew differently.

It happened again when he visited his friend Skylar in the hospital. Skylar was so sick he was losing his hair, but when Bobby’s mother took him to visit, Bobby smiled and touched Skylar‘s bald head. A few short weeks later Skylar was back home and healthy.

Bobby got the power from his mom, only her power was stronger, she could kiss away the hurt. Every time she kissed a skinned knee or a bump on his head, Bobby felt better, just like she promised.

Grandma could heal too, Bobby was sure of it. Grandma fixed skinned knees just like Mommy but her power was even stronger than Mommy’s. She didn’t need to kiss or touch. All she needed to do was smile at Bobby and he felt better. He had seen her hug Mommy when she was sad and Mommy’s tears dried right up and she smiled. That’s how he knew her hugs and kisses were good too. Bobby thought maybe Grandma put some kind of elixir in her homemade applesauce because it made him feel more powerful every time he ate it.

If only his sister and daddy had the power. They didn’t, this was clearly the type of thing that came from a mother’s love and passed on to the youngest child. Mommy was the youngest in her family and Grandma too.

Naturally, Bobby’s only course of action was to become a doctor. His mother would be so proud of him for using his powers to heal the sick, and even prouder of his ability to keep the family secret.


The funniest part about this was the instructor’s reaction to my story. Can you guess?

She surprises me every time she post a comment on my writing.

7 thoughts on “Mommy’s Hugs

  1. This is cute and I’ll bet your son likes it!

    Let’s see…. if your instructor is who I think it is, she will respond by telling you about her published stories/books/essays/interviews/walking on water on a similar topic.

  2. I really like this and think it’s sweet! I have no idea who your instructor is, so I am not sure what she said…though if it’s who I think it might be, she always suprised me, too.

  3. Mommy power! What a cute story and hurray for you for rooting for the youngest. In my family the first born was always the special child. I’m the youngest…boo-hoo!

    Let’s see my guess on the response is, “Are you going to find a home for this? What magazines/sites do you read/visit that might snap this up? Best writing you’ve done in the class.”


      And we have a winner! Almost her exact response for everything I write–and everyone else in the class.

      She always puts the big word in all caps. This is PERFECT, or The BEST you’ve done in this class.

      It is laugh out loud funny!! I don’t know how she thinks this is constructive. What am I learning if everything I do is already PERFECT. It’s ridiculous. Okay, she’s a nice person, but I don’t need my ego stroked I need to learn.

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