Last day to get Dangerous Embrace for #99cents!

DE_99I’m a little late in posting this, but Dangerous Embrace is only $0.99 until TODAY! Get your copy before the price goes up!

What are people saying about Dangerous Embrace?

“Dana Mason is what I would say is one fantastic author, her writing is superb and this novel has everything a great story needs to captivate the readers.” ~Tana Rae Reads

“The author writes boldly about some very dark topics and the result is a bloodcurdling but gripping book!” ~Smitten Book Blog

“Dana Mason has written a fantastic psychological thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat.” ~Brook Cottage Books

“Dangerous Embrace is a strong, well written suspenseful romance novel that hooks you in from the beginning.” ~My Cozie Corner

“The plot of this novel is intense, demanding, horrifying, and full of hope.” ~The Coffee Pot

Want to know more about it?

Sarah Jennings wants nothing more than a quiet life–alone. Raised by an eccentric mother, their life on the road only taught her how to run away from hard times. When she finds herself in an abusive relationship, this lesson
serves her well. Eight years later, she’s settled back in her hometown and less fearful than she’s ever been in her life. She’s a first grade teacher, and with few friends and less family around, she has what she wants, a quiet life under the radar where she can be free of her past and live quietly. Until one night and one brutal act of violence changes everything.

Injured and afraid, Sarah wants to run again, but Mark Summors refuses to let her go.

Mark was born and raised in Santa Rosa. He married his high school sweetheart and never questioned his life, until he found his wife with another man. Now divorced, he wants something more. He’s passionate about his job, he wants to
protect people, and he devotes his life to it. This time he’s protecting more than just another client, he’s protecting his future; at least, Sarah Jennings will be his future, once he convinces her she loves him.

When Sarah agrees to let Mark help, she doesn’t anticipate just how important of a role he’ll play in her future or how the violence in her past will come back to threaten them both.

Short Excerpt: (For more, go to the Dangerous Embrace Page)

When he sat down next to her, Sarah jumped to her feet, putting distance between them. It was better to feel cold and lonely. It kept her out of trouble. She’d been alone for so long, she’d forgotten what it was like to have someone who cared, someone who wanted to listen to her. That’s what Mark had touched on, something she didn’t realize she was missing until it smacked her in the face.
She excused herself and went into the bathroom before her tears started to flow. Too much comfort, too much warmth. She needed a moment to have a breakdown without an audience—without his support. Because when he left, she’d need to keep moving forward alone.

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