In case you were wondering

Karma does exist.

I’m sure most of you remember my romantically evil (thanks, Kathan) prank on Thursday.

Well, rest assured, there is no reason to plan revenge, the universe has done it for you.

Yesterday was to worst Monday I’ve had in months. If I ran down the list of evil things that happened, you would only call me lier. I’ll spare you the details.

I can tell you that when my kids asked me if they could walk down to the Athletic Club and swim, I almost said no. With the way my day was going, I knew for sure one of them would drown.

Thankfully they all came back alive.

Rest assured, again, today is no different. I sat down with my laptop and started writing a blog post about my ms progress and edits, but decided half way through I needed a coffee warmer.

I fill my mug, grab the fat-free half & half from the fridge, and give it a good shake. Guess what happened. That’s right, no lid. Now I have half and half all over my kitchen–and me. The worse part, I’m the one who left the lid off. I can’t even blame my husband for it.

I took a vacation day today so I could spend it with my son. It’s his 10th birthday. We’re planning to go to the movies, but, frankly, I’m afraid to leave the house.

I’m a little disappointed my participation in the Random Act of Kindness Challenge hasn’t garnered me more positive Karma points.

12 thoughts on “In case you were wondering

    1. Yes, and the day did improve. You know, I don’t need another reason to be a hermit. If i never had to leave the house that would be fine with me. 🙂

  1. You know you are looking at this the wrong way. You should be thinking…THANK GOD for those random acts of kindness karma points! It could have been much worse. The half and half could have been contaminated or spoiled. You could have spent your day sitting on the porcelein throne and hanging over a bucket, instead you are free to spend the day with your son on his birthday. 😉

    Tell your son “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”

  2. Cheer up! The remainder of the week just HAS to get better; I doubt it can get worsen.

    Keep smiling. Eventually you’ll have a reason for it.

  3. Well, you can always blame your husband for the half and half fiasco anyway.

    So what movie are you going to? Ten is such a good age. They are old enough to have really good thoughts and ideas and young enough that they’re not jaded yet.

    Have fun, and as Scarlett would say, Tomorrow is another day.

    And tell your son that Polly would sing Happy Birthday to him if we were there….

  4. I’m sorry to hear about your bum luck. Sometimes the best thing to do is just sit these days out. Hopefully the birthday celebration will be your big turnaround.

    A few weeks ago I was in a similar downward spin when we were just about to put our house on the market. You would NOT believe the amount of things that broke. A 10-foot geyser in my front yard – no joke. Another cracked pipe in the garage. A broken garbage disposal. A leak in the kitchen. Not one but TWO broken vacuums (within 10 minutes of each other). Not to mention Croup & stomach flu in the house. Sometimes the universe is plain and simply, trying to bring us down.

    Here’s to hoping the RAOK points kick in soon!

    1. Oh Gawd! That’s awful! I feel much better now… 🙂
      Today was much better.
      I had a lot of things go wrong when we sold our house too. I totally relate to this story.

      1. What is it about selling that brings this on? It seems like everybody has this experience!

        I’m glad to hear you turned the corner today. Hopefully that’s the end of it.

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