I’m Not Dead

My heart is still beating and I haven’t succumb to my insecurities about my writing.

It’s been an interesting month since my last post. I’ve taken a trip, head first, down the stairs, edited and submitted several chapters to Critique Circle, celebrated my wedding anniversary with my husband, went on a short Forth of July vacation and had another page published in Emma Close to Home.

Of course, that’s not to mention the 15 doctors’ appointments and all the crazy things going on at my day job.

I can’t promise I’m back to posting several times a week, but I’ll try to give this neglected blog some of my attention.

I hope you’ll stick with me.

13 thoughts on “I’m Not Dead

    1. Thanks! I’m glad to be back. I was feeling a little tied down to this blog and in need of a break. I don’t want it to feel like a job. This writing stuff is suppose to be fun. I already have a full time job, I don’t need another.
      I’m feeling rejuvenated now and ready to dive back in.

  1. You have been a busy bee. I don’t think any of us could possibly be upset with another when we all understand how writing takes precedence over the extra-curricular activities that come with it. Like blogging. I think we are all guilty of stealing time away when we need it.

    I know how the doctor routine can be so dang time consuming. I’m glad I’m out of therapy(knocking on wood)and glad you’re getting around again.

    1. I’m getting around better but feeling old. Remember when we were kids and could tumble down and get right back up? This getting old crap sucks! Why didn’t anyone warm me? I don’t like not being mobile. I haven’t spent that much time in bed since I was pregnant and on complete bed rest–of course then I was fat and miserable so I didn’t mind as much.

  2. We’ll accept any snippets you are able to leave here.

    So sorry about your fall and all the doctors’ appointments. So pleased about your published pages, submitted chapters, anniversary and July 4th vacation.

    I’ll be here whenever I see you’ve posted something.

    Take care.

  3. Welcome back! I have missed you. And you should know your little writing crew well enough by this time to know we are sticking by and with you like orange cat hair on black pants. You can’t get rid of us, no way no how. 🙂

    Congrats on your anniversary, ANOTHER publication, and on taking a short break.

    I like the changes to your blog design and pics, too.

  4. Thanks for writing on my blog and being my first ever “comment.” Means alot to meet other writers and read writing blogs. And thanks for mentioning Critique Circle… I just signed up to be a member. Enjoy reading your blog!

    1. I was the first? Awesome! I had no idea. 🙂
      You’re welcome, we writers need all the friends we can get. Allow me to introduce you to my blogroll, on the right, they’re all friendly writers too.

  5. Hope you are feeling better! Ya – its a bummer about the recovery time as youget older. But – sounds like you are back on your feet again. Maybe you can use your experience in your writing – what it feels like to “fall head first”???

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