I spoke (wrote) to soon…

If you remember my Blog Tag post, then you know I have an unruly dog and no cat– because my unruly dog doesn’t like cats.

Well, I spoke too soon.

Meet the new addition to my family.

Her name is KC, or Kitty Cat, but I fondly call her Fatty Kitty.

KC, is an old family cat. When KC was a kitten my parents gave her to my grandmother as a gift. Within a week, my grandmother decided she preferred living alone and gave her back. When my brother moved away for school he took KC with him.

Last month he called and asked me to take KC. He’s moving into a new apartment and can’t have pets.

Well…what choice did I have? I couldn’t leave the poor thing orphaned again.

KC is about 12 years old and so fat she can hardly move around. She does nothing but sleep and eat–and scare the dog. 🙂

Since I’ve had no luck at training the dog, maybe I’ll let KC take over.

9 thoughts on “I spoke (wrote) to soon…

  1. She will discover, if she hasn’t yet, that sitting on your arms as you write or stretching out on the keyboard will assure that she is the center of attention during NaNo.

    I love calicos and she is a beautiful kitty. Congratulations!

    BTW, one doesn’t train cats…it’s the other way around. You’ll learn.

  2. My calico. Bella, loves to sit in my lap as I type away. She is a measly 6 pounds, so she doesn’t make my legs fall asleep. Now KC may be a different matter altogether! I’m sure she will train the dog for you. 🙂

  3. She’s a beautiful animal. I have a soft spot for calico’s. My toritis calico lived with me for 17 years before she died. She was there when I graduated high school, she was there when I first got married, had my first child, and when I got divorced. We moved from place to place too many times to remember. I remember one special Christmas when she knocked down the Christmas tree. But only once – she was chasing my 44″ iguana. He was safe, she never touched the tree again. I have lots of fond memories of that crazy cat. They are good company and not NEAR as much work as 180 lbs of dogs.

    1. I can’t stop imagining a 180 lb dog on your lap. I’m hoping KC is too old, lazy and fat to be concerned with the Christmas tree. She hasn’t even explored the entire house yet.

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