Happy Sugar’s Song day!

My good friend and fabulous author, Katie Mettner, is releasing a follow up to her wonderful debut novel, Sugar’s Dance. I’ve read both books and loved both! Katie is a master at character development. I instantly fell in love with Sugar and Van in Sugar’s Dance. Once I picked up Sugar’s Song, Lillie was my new favorite.

Here is Sugar’s Song…

When I am afraid, I will trust in you. Psalm 56

Love is a many-splendored thing and no one who knows this better than Tula “Sugar” DuBois. As the New Year breaks over her lodge on the frozen shores of Lake Superior, Sugar is wrapped in the arms of the man she loves, dancing in the New Year with her brother and his new wife. Enter the mysterious Lillie who comes to the lodge for Christmas break seeking safe haven. No one knows her secrets and she’s determined to keep it that way. Having had secrets to keep Sugar is compelled to love and protect Lillie, determined to give her the strength to reveal what she’s hiding before it’s too late. When Lillie comes face-to-face with her past will she let revenge steal her future? Sugar calls upon all who love Lillie to dance a dangerous samba to save the young girl before she is delivered to the Father by evil… As the tulips sprout through the snow covered ground there is new love, new hope and new life, and together they will share Sugar’s Night…

If you haven’t read Sugar’s Dance, I suggest you check it out first…

Will the events of one snowy November night haunt her forever?

Grab a cup of joe and meet Tula Dubois, Sugar to everyone who loves her, an accomplished ballroom dance instructor living in the Twin Ports of Lake Superior. From the outside Sugar appears to have it all, a successful business and a wonderful family, but behind closed doors Sugar’s emotional walls are crumbling as the events of one snowy November night ten years ago fill her nights with terror. As she struggles to keep her sanity from slipping away she is taunted by the never-ending mantra of why. Why is she still here? Why was she spared?

When Drug Task Force Agent Donovan Walsh arrives in Duluth, Minnesota, there is no doubt in his mind that it’s the tip of the end of the world and he prays that his assignment will be short so he can escape back home to sunny, warm Texas. That is until he meets his latest protected witness, Sugar. His job is simple — protect her from a madman determined to engage her in a dangerous tango. All it takes is one dance across the floor and Agent Walsh quickly discovers there is nothing simple about Sugar.

As the gales of November blow early, Van finds himself drawn to Sugar as he leads her through a tender dance of grief and guilt. The sadness in her eyes when she thinks no one is looking compels him to help her rediscover her love for dancing and the reasons why she was left behind.

As one storm eases another intensifies and Sugar is pulled back into a high stakes promenade with a psychopath hellbent on destroying her family and her town. Sugar must summon her strength and give the performance of a lifetime as she becomes an unwilling partner in a treacherous dance of drugs, kidnapping and family betrayal. It’s a dance where one misstep could leave her fighting for her life!

As winter descends upon Lake Superior, Sugar will waltz through the darkness to find faith, hope, and the greatest of these, love…

Katie Mettner was born in Eau Claire, Wisconsin in 1975 and lived there, in the same house, for 21 years! She moved to the Northwoods as a young adult where she now reside with her husband and three children. Her love affair with Lake Superior began when she met her husband, Dwayne, and he drove her across the bridge one snowy November day with her nose pressed up against the glass. It was in that moment the scene was set for her breakout novel!

As a young adult she enjoyed ballroom dancing and spent many hours on the dance floor, but an injury forced her to sit it out for too many songs. Many would say that losing her left leg was a horrible tragedy, but in fact it was the best thing that ever happened to her. Now, like Sugar, she can dance. Her stories are a reflection of her love for family intricately woven with life experience. When the gales of November blow early you can find her at the computer with a cup of joe, listening to Michael Bublé and working on Sugar’s next adventure….

You can find Katie anywhere coffee is served or in the following places…

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You can purchase her books on Amazon too.

Sugar’s Dance on Amazon
Sugar’s Song on Amazon

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