Friday Flash 55 #8

GoldenGateCables tied to concrete and hung from Golden towers held suspended above the bay. They call it the gateway, I call it home. On my evening drive I see the sunset on the horizon glinting off the blue pacific, leaving tall shadows in its wake. In the morning the brightness reflects across a cloudless sky.

This is the best I could do today. It’s been a long week and I tried to do something not related to my NaNo story. Later today or tomorrow I plan to post an excerpt.

4 thoughts on “Friday Flash 55 #8

  1. Cool. Were you affected by the bridge closing last week (or whenever it was — I’m losing track of non-NaNo time here).

    I am looking forward to the excerpt!

    1. No, it actually made my commute lighter. Hee hee, I kinda liked it. But I work in transportation studies and didn’t like the nasty press towards our DOT. People are always looking for someone to blame. If the everyday joe knew how many hours transportation engineers spent trying to save us from ourselves on the road they would be more appreciative. To say that public safety was ignore is a slap in the face of their main objective–don’t get me started the soap box isn’t big enough. 🙂

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