Friday Flash 55 #7

tap dancing“Oh look, here’s Brian’s response.” Ali said.

“That was fast.” Alyssa said.

“I know, I guess he’s coming then.”

“Don’t hold your breath, he doesn’t want me to marry Chase.”

Ali ripped open the envelope. “I’m sorry I can’t make it to the wedding because I’m tap dancing at the county fair.”

“What a jerk!”

16 thoughts on “Friday Flash 55 #7

  1. The saga continues! I love it, this is like following along with a mini series! I burst out laughing when I read the response. Way to go!

    Using Natasha’s challenge in your Flash 55 was a great idea. I wish I had thought of it. LOL

  2. This is fabulous! Who knew the county fair would be so popular?

    When we’re done with NaNo, we should ALL gather at the county fair with our characters and have a little tap dancing get-on. Who’s in?

    1. Me!! And guess what, I just thought of a use for it. But it’s nearer the end of my story, so it will have to wait to get written.

  3. I love it!! You’ve brightened my morning with your use of the now infamous tap dancing alibi.

    Let’s pull the plug on our creative powers this weekend and add a deluge of words to our NaNo counts.

    I’m aiming high and talking big although honestly, right now at 11AM on Friday, a nap sounds delicious.

    1. I agree! I am determined to get in double my words this weekend (by that, I mean an extra 1700, not double every day). I’m going to a Write In tonight, so perhaps I’ll do it then!!

  4. Giggle! I wish I thought of using this today, too! Maybe we should throw out Friday 55 challenges to each once in a while. That would be fun!!

  5. Dayner! Thanks for making it so obvious I am way behind ya’ll in my word count!! LOL

    I would probably feel more honored to be in your counter if I was doing better at my writing. I may have to fix that – you’re always challenging me, dangit!

    BTW, how did you get a counter in your sidebar?

  6. Nice widget. Now I have to post my wordcount so I don’t look so bad.

    Is this a word wars widget? can you send me the link? I like seeing the update without having to sign in and check at the NaNo site.

      1. Thanks! This is fantastic. And very motivating as well. I think it will be a great help to get us through that second week.

        I’ll get this added to my site and update my wordcounts later today. I started writing already this morning so I’ll just wait and update at the end of the day. But I can tell you, you are in the lead! I’ll be drafting you for a while.

        You had a great weekend! Did you send the kids and hubby to Disneyland? LOL

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