Friday Flash 55+ #39

“That is one beautiful car.”

Jenny looked in the direction of Sophie’s gaze. “I’ll bet you $5 when we walk inside Starbucks someone looking like one of the ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ is in there.” She snickered. “I’ll even bet she has a little dog in her purse.”

“I’ll take that bet,” Sophie pushed the door open then turned to Jenny. “I can’t believe it…down the the little dog.”

7 thoughts on “Friday Flash 55+ #39

  1. Funny! I’ve never seen or heard of Real Housewives of BH, but I can imagine. I would have NEVER taken that bet!

    Last summer we had some carpentry work done on our house. Our shitz tsu was still alive (sniff sniff) and bossing everyone around. The foreman’s wife had Pomeranians. Polly, our hound dog, came racing out of the house and the workers, local boys all, nodded approvingly: ‘now that’s what I like — a regular dog.’

    1. Yeah, no kidding.
      So this really happened this week and after Jenny read it she said, It wasn’t the real housewives of BH, it was Dynasty. Ha ha! Oops!

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