7 thoughts on “Friday Flash 55 #30

  1. Wow! Those last three lines nearly knocked the wind out of me. I was totally unprepared for them, but totally impressed with your 55 words.

  2. Hopeless romantic and a broken hearted romantic – girl you are just a romantic at heart aren’t you. This was awesome. I’m on the same page as everyone else – didn’t expect the twisted ending. BUT LOVED IT!

  3. Ouch! This hurts me because it reminds me so much of a recent relationship in my life that is no more.

    But that’s what makes it so good. Excellent job.

  4. One day last month I had this melancholy rainy day and I wrote a bunch of these sad flashes from my character’s perspectives.

    This is from Alyssa and it’s about Brian. They’re from my nano story. 🙂

    Glad you guys liked it.

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