Friday Flash 55 #5

112_Couple_kissing-1Detective Hammel’s eyes scanned the street in front of him out of habit as he waited for the green light. That’s when he saw her, their hands linked, sitting on the patio in front of Barney’s Café. Brain squinted for a better look just as his wife leaned forward and kissed the man next to her.

13 thoughts on “Friday Flash 55 #5

  1. I don’t know whether I should yell tramp, or smack the detective over the head for being blind! What led her to the arms of another man, and how could a detective, of all people, not suspect what was going on……I need to know!

    Is this your new project for NaNoWriMo? Please say it is…..

      1. Oh goody, goody, goody…as Hannibal would say! (I’m trying to get into Hannibals head..I’m a method writer instead of a method actor. LOL)

        I can’t wait! I’m so excited that everyone has come up with such great ideas. I think I am more exicited for my friends than I am for myself.

        Are you going to post snippets on your blog during November?

        I’m going to post little pieces, nothing real big.

        1. Yes, I’ll post little excerpts. I might start posting character info and some other things before then too. I’m waist deep in development and research now, as I get things pulled together I’ll share them. I can’t wait to start writing. Last night I spent hours on-line looking for pictures of people that fit the physical descriptions of my main characters. I am also really excited especially now that I know about your Hannibal muse 🙂

          1. That’s great news. I love teasers. Pictures are how I keep myself in check. They help me feel closer to the story, and give me something consistent to ground my thoughts.

            My muse is on overload. I have one pissed off fallen angel, teaming up with the one sick depraved mind all in a conspiracy to manipulate my poor little protagonist who only wants to be recognized. This is a lot more fun than post apocalyptic fiction.

  2. So good! I want to read more. I am getting so excited for next week, and I can’t put down Chris Baty’s book. I am sure my feelings of eagerness will change to dread by November 8th…

    And I love the photo, very cool.

    1. I can’t find Chris’s book. Amazon and Barnes and Noble are out of stock and say two to three weeks for delivery. And the only copy I found on ebay was way overpriced. I’m so bummed!

      1. I hope you got one! I couldn’t find it online either, but I looked on locations to see if anyone had it in stock, and one (sort of) near me had it. I reserved it and picked it up.

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