9 thoughts on “Friday Flash 55 #17

  1. I sense a hurting heart behind these words. If they’re your feelings, I send you my love to soothe the hurt. If they’re fiction, they’re convincing and bold in their honesty.

      1. Maybe I do need to lower my walls to become a better writer 🙁
        I spit this out in about ten seconds and it was exactly 55 words. It’s the perfect expression of how I felt when I woke up this morning at 4:30 and now at 11:00pm my anger has only slightly faded. I think I’ll go to bed and try again tomorrow…Good night.

  2. Sorry for being so late to respond. Yesterday was overwhelming with things on the to do list.

    I think this statement : “Maybe I do need to lower my walls to become a better writer” has a lot of truth in it for all of us. I could tell by your writing that you were very mad when you wrote it. The raw emotion showed through. I began to question what had gotten you so angry and if it was something I had done. When you can touch the reader with such power you have reached a place we all wish we could go with our writing.

    I hope your day is better today!

  3. Good job! I think it’s always great to “write it out.” Whatever I feel, I ususally end up feeling better sometime after I write. Maybe not immediately, but it does help speed up the healing process, I think.

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