Friday Flash 55 #14

Ali forced her eyes to open and tried to focus in the darkness when a voice in the back of her mind asked—Where is Micah?

Why isn’t he crying?

Where is Micah? Where is Micah?

As her mind continued to ask the question so did her lips. Before she realized it she was screaming. “Where is Micah?”

16 thoughts on “Friday Flash 55 #14

  1. Dayner,

    I’m posting this here so you’ll be sure to see it, though it really belongs under your previous post. last May I attended a writer’s workshop aboard a cruise ship to Alaska. At the end of the multi-day workshop, the three instructor-mentors read from their own works.

    Jack Hefron (Google him–he’s a big deal in publishing) paused mid-way into his reading. We waited. He suddenly realized where he was and apologized, saying that while this work had been published eight years prior, he had just seen something he wanted to rewrite.

    Moral: it never stops, Dayner. Never.

    1. Thank you very much! It’s a good lesson. By the way, we have something in common. I lived in Alaska for several years. Although, I stayed close to the city–and the heater.
      If you don’t mind I would like to add you to my Blogroll.

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