Friday Flash 55 #15

“Good morning, Dayner. I’m going to be late today, I have a problem I need to take care of.” Karen said.

“Okay, what time should I expect you?”

“Well, I sorta lost my hamster…I’m not sure.”

“Did you just say you lost your hamster?” Dayner asked.

“Yes, I can come in I guess…and look for him later.”

Dayner paused to fight back laughter, “Well that’s one I’ve never heard before.”


“That’s okay, go ahead and look your hamster.” She paused again, “Good luck, we’ll see you when you get here.”

(I broke the word count rule. Okay, I broke the fiction rule too. This is a true story.)

6 thoughts on “Friday Flash 55 #15

  1. I’ve heard some excuses in my lifetime, but that one just about tops them all–I’m sorry, I can’t come into work today, I’m taking a hampster day.

    Did you take that picture? If so, HOW TOTALLY CUTE!

    1. Yes, she did finally find her hamster. 🙂
      I have to tell you I laughed like crazy when she said she lost her hamster then I felt bad. Naturally her hamster is her beloved pet just like our dogs are to us–or our Alpha Cats.

  2. Never got that one as an excuse for not showing up for work on time, but its believable, I guess. Cute story and even cuter pix!

  3. That’s a riot! I have a friend who’s family member almost cancelled holiday celebrations because their hamster was sick. I don’t get it, but…

    BTW, the photo is hilarious!

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