I finished the rewrite on my first manuscript.

My deadline was October 1st and today is the 6th–okay, close enough on a self imposed deadline, don’t you think? I’m a few days overdue but I don’t care–it’s finished. (However, let me emphasize: I’m finished with this round.) It’s not polished or ready to be submitted but it’s a tighter and a better story now.

As tight as it could be for a first draft. Believe it or not, after all the changes, I am calling it a first draft. I’ll let it rest for a couple of mouths, then take it out and spend some time on the finer details. But I am really happy with the changes.

It is now time to focus on NaNoWriMo. I’m not ready. I don’t even have a firm story idea. The more I try to organize myself, the further away I get from an idea. What’s a pantser to do? Any suggestions on how to generate a story idea for a romance writer? At this point I would explore anything.

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  1. Yeah! Congratulations!! What a great accomplishment. I’m happy you like the changes. I’m taking the Romance Writing Secrets class right now and am trying to learn how to use it in my NaNo Mystery. What is difficult is that the heroine is trapped in her portrait while the hero is in real life. Hard to have those romantic scenes, don’t cha know. I’m trying them out in “dreams” she sends him. I know you will come up with a great idea for NaNo. If I have any ideas I will shoot them your way.

    1. “What is difficult is that the heroine is trapped in her portrait while the hero is in real life.” WOW!! That sounds really cool. How creative! I can’t wait to read about that.

      1. It didn’t give me emails. I already subscribe through RSS but I hardly check it. I like the emails because I can get them throughout the day while I’m at work. On all the WordPress blogs you can add an ‘Email Subscriptions’.

  2. Good for you!

    I’d like to apologize up front for my planning series causing everyone so much anxiety. Pantsters shouldn’t plan. So don’t try. Relax and something will come to you.

    1. Oh no! You don’t get the blame for this one. 🙂
      After spending all this time editing, I will never start another novel without some planning. I want–NEED to have a plan to keep the story inline and save myself headaches later. I just don’t have a solid theme or idea. I won’t start any outlining or planning until something sparks my imagination. It’s still early, I have time.

    1. It feels good to get it done. I know it still needs a lot of work but I that’s all cosmetic, the story is firmly in place. In other words, the hard part is done. 🙂

  3. I think it’s time crack open a bottle of bubbly…I’ll pour!! Yeah for you!! I am really proud of you for finishing this. You did what none of us could do.

    I need your NaNo boost for me…I am still unsure about it because I don’t know if I can really do 50k. I am thinking about writing a memoir that’s pretty much a compilation of short stories. Make sense? Yeah, I dunno.

    1. I think a memoir is a great idea! I’m still tossing around the idea of a fictional memoir. If you can come up with a really great character, think about the fun you can have making up stories about their fictional life. I think that’s what I want to do with Tracy’s Hope. Thirty days is not enough time to research a story about a drug addict that abandons her kid.

  4. Congratulations!!! First, second, whatever … you finished a round! Is that a photo of your actual notebook? You write by hand?

    As for a new story idea, I suggest you spend some time sitting and observing people … someplace romantic if you can, since you’re writing romance. I’ll bet you’ll see a couple, or even a lonesome soul who will spark an idea. Either that or have a very good dream. 🙂

    1. I came up with an idea this morning while listening to the news on the Radio. I just need some quiet time to let it sink in and grow. Whew–I’m a bit relieved though, I was starting to get nervous for NaNo. My new idea isn’t actually a romance…but I might have to add a romantic element. 🙂 Just cause I like it that way.

  5. Oh, congratulations and good for you! This is exciting news. Sorry I didn’t break out the bubbly for/with you earlier but I’ve been on the road and away from the internet for a while; just getting back to blogging/fretting about NaNo now.

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