Drum Roll Please…

My name in print. Finally!

I even got my very own page…well, me and Mr. Pickles.

That’s right, you’ll find me on page 20 of the June/July issues of Emma Close to Home Magazine. I got a preview copy so I thought I’d share it with you. Emma Close to Home is a regional magazine whose mission is to bridge the gap between generations of women in the valley.

Baby Steps–Baby Steps

17 thoughts on “Drum Roll Please…

  1. Very cool! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    You and Parrot are making me rethink my strategy. Maybe I should abandon the novel for now and work on short printable pieces. Not that my chances of getting printed would be higher, but it wouldn’t take so long to get something ready for query. But I love my novel..rats…what to do? What to do?

    It would be so awesome to have something printed. You should be very proud of your accomplishment.

    I think I have much to consider today.

  2. Congratulations! And I am TOTALLY in favor of working with small, regional publications (which is what published my short story last fall).

    This is very exciting news! Let’s break open a bottle of NOD wineries finest and celebrate!!

  3. AWESOME!! I am so proud of you (and a little jealous)! Seriously, that is so great, and I am wondering how we get to read your article?

    Also, I could use some encouragement from you on doing this. I just haven’t had the courage to submit anything at all (other than contests, which are useless for the most part). Can you write me offline on what you did (or say it here)?

    1. Oh, Kathan, I would love to tell you that I worked really hard for this. The fact is, it was very simple for me and I could’ve done it a year ago. My best friend is Emma Green’s bookkeeper. Emma is the editor. I’ve been submitting recipes and photos for the last couple of years. I just never had the courage to ask if I could write something. I finally found the courage and asked Jennifer (my friend) if Emma would be interested. Emma was, and so, I emailed this to her and she liked it. I didn’t have to query or anything. I also didn’t get paid, but I’m perfectly happy with that. My objective was to fight the fear and put something out there. I hope to be able to write something for every issue, that’s six a year. If she likes what I send her, she’ll include it, if not, then she won’t. The most encouraging thing is, if she doesn’t like something she’s very vocal about it. This mag is her baby and she takes it pretty serious. I figure, at least I can add this to my resume–and my courage is building… 🙂 That’s good, right? There is a two page spread of beach pictures Jennifer and I took during our last beach walk. Maybe I’ll snap a picture of the pages so you can see. Also, I still own the story so I can post it on my blog. Of course, I asked Jennifer first if Emma would mind, and she didn’t. It’s free advertising for her magazine.

  4. Congrats!!!!! Isn’t that just the best feeling? Enjoy it, you deserve it! Local/Regional pubs are great. I gave up freelancing after the baby was born, but I still write a column in our regional parenting mag – no, not for the gobs of cash they pay me (snort!), but because I really believe in regional pubs. Just wait until an old friend or your hairdresser or someone else tells you they saw something you wrote. Just try to contain yourself. I dare you. 🙂

    1. It’s true, regional pubs want to hear from the community and they are much more accessible. I thought about checking out a couple of others in the area but I’d hate to make Emma think I tried to snub her. 😉

  5. You must be on cloud nine! I’m so looking forward to reading your article. Please don’t make us wait long.

    A big congrats to you, girlfriend.

  6. Wow wow wow! Congratulations! This is a really big deal. I’ve read your comments, so I’m already prepared for you to downplay this – don’t! The point is, you got the guts to do it, you did it and they published it.

    I can’t wait to read it!

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