Do you dream about people you don’t know?

wowI am happily married and have been for several years. Yet I’ve dreamed about a man, the same man all my life…and it isn’t my husband. I’ve never met the man in my dream, but for as long as I can remember I’ve been dreaming about this blond, blue-eyed stranger. I usually forget all about him until I have the dream again then he’s clear in my mind until life changes gears and other thoughts cloud my head.  I had the dream again a couple of nights ago and I’m writing this to remind myself. Maybe if I spend more time thinking about him the answer will come.

The dream comes about once a year and I only remember him, never the setting or conversation. I also feel an intense attachment to him, not sexual but intimate. I love him, but in what form I’m not sure. When I wake I usually feel intense grief and disappointment.

It’s the strangest thing, I don’t understand it. Past life? Past life love? Guardian Angel? Ghost? Figment of my imagination?

8 thoughts on “Do you dream about people you don’t know?

  1. Interesting dream and so full of mystery. This is the kind of life experience that can be turned into a novel. Dig deep and you may come up with an answer and a new novel. Great Story!

  2. I’m with DS on this…. I could see this man — or your search for him — as a big chunk of November’s writing. And by December 1, you’d know much, much more about him!

  3. I agree, I think trying to write more on this person may allow you to remember more of your dreams about him. Maybe doing a writing exercise where you write a description of him, that could bring more information out. Also, maybe dig through family photos-could it be a friend of the family when you were a child? A distant relative?

    1. I’ve tried looking at photos and even asked my parents. It’s a complete mystery but I will write about him. I’ve also thought about writing it into a story. I just have to remember to jot my ideas down as they come. Naturally they usually come when I’m driving and can’t write.

      1. You should get a handheld recorder for the car. Back in my working days, I used to keep one on the seat of the car. I was notorious for remembering a spreadsheet that needed updating or meeting I needed to schedule when I was driving to one of my locations. It became an invaluable tool. I even invested in a voice activated one for the nightstand so I wouldn’t have to fumble around in the dark to turn it on, (I was single at the time of course), otherwise this might not have been a good idea. :c)

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