Character Study Part 3

Character Study Part 3: Our make-believe selves.

In part one of my character study, I asked about your true self. Your best and worst character traits in your own words.

Now I want to know who you would be if you could make it up. If you could creatively put yourself in a make-believe role, who would you be?

In this media, we hide behind our computer screens. We could be hiding who we truly are, pretending to be one thing, but living something entirely different.

Here is my creative version:

Natasha is a struggling writer balancing a career, husband, and dogs–or so we’re led to believe. What if in reality, she’s already a best-selling novelist doing research on struggling writers for her next bestseller?

What if Linda Cassidy Lewis is really the First Lady of California pretending to be a first time novelist? She uses her blog to hide her identity because the roles as First Lady, and being a Kennedy, make it hard for her to get honest feedback on her writing.

What if Kathan is an heiress from Spain looking for some entertainment in her poor-little-rich-girl life? She’s posting on her blog, hoping Mr. Right will read it, fall in love with her beautiful words, and sweep her off her $800 shoes.

Darksculptures is a secret agent investigating the masterminds behind the biggest bank heist in American history. The people she’s investigating, Parrot Writes and Shaddy. While PW and Shaddy pretend to be strangers, they’re really twin sisters stealing money for the poor in a Robin-Hood-sort-of-way.

Guilible posts beautiful pictures of Alaska in hopes of fooling everyone. If you really want to find her, look for the Yacht, named Pablo, in the South Pacific. This is where she hunts for sunken ships and long-lost treasure.

Michelle pretends to be a mother of two in Louisiana. In reality,  she’s a stockbroker in New York, who dreams of one day opening her own Cajun restaurant in Manhattan. The place could use some decent Jambalaya.

What is your creative version?

10 thoughts on “Character Study Part 3

  1. What a hoot! Yes Shaddy and I are twin sisters, but very different. She is in trim perfect shape, a born organizer,rides her bicycle everywhere, and is super smart. I, on the other hand, ride a Vespa, forget where I left it on occassion, have an aversion to physical exercise, and trust everyone I meet. Somehow we pulled off the swindle of the century from BP Oil and plan to give it all to the folks who have been hurt the most by the gulf spill. Giggle…

  2. Nice! My make-believe wants to own a dive shop in the Keys, but then she heard about all those 8-ft pythons running around the islands, so she’s packing up the shop and relocating to some quiet little Mediterranean village.

    I’m with Linda, we want to hear yours!!!

  3. LOL – I am about to pee my pants! This is hilarious, Dayner!! I love the character you created for me, though she seems sort of shallow… :-p

    I’ll have to think about the dream version of me. A good idea for a post!

  4. HAHAHA! I suppose the picture of my hubbie on my blog may have had a little to do with your inspiration for my character here. Funny Stuff. Of course, now that you know we may have to place you in a witness protection program to insure your safety. LMAO

  5. OMG this is SOOOO funny!! I love all your creative versions! I have to think about what my own personal vision is/would be.

    The funny thing — my dissertation research actually WAS on struggling writers! Of course, the struggling writers were in first through fourth grades, but still…

    The best-selling novelist? eh, not so much — unless y’all think I’m Nicholas Sparks in drag…

  6. I’ve been thinking about this for a couple of days and have decided who my character would be if I could choose.
    I would be the owner of a Bed and Breakfast on the ocean somewhere in Hawaii. I would have a number of interesting locals work for me so I could devote my time to writing another famous novel. The inspiration for my story characters would be my guests and their personalities, since folks would come from all over the world to stay in my B&B, just for the chance they might appear as a character in one of my books. I would wear flowing dresses, always have a flower in my hair, and be willing to visit with anyone.

  7. Doggone it! You blew my cover. I wouldn’t live in Alaska for anything. Listen, Alaska has humongous bears roaming the streets, including the few that are actually paved. They don’t go fishing for peace and relaxation. That’s why it’s called combat fishing. Winter lasts nine months and the temperature is minus 40 degrees. Otherwise, it rains all the time. The mosquitoes are as large as hummingbirds. The nearest grocery store is a hundred miles away. It’s called Costco. What isn’t owned by the oil industry is owned by the cruise lines. They own all the jewelry shops in the ports they visit and sell authentic Alaskan gemstone jewelry–after they remove the Made in China stickers.

  8. Oh, and about your dream of owning a B&B? Actually that sounds like a good idea for a book. Just remember the cockroaches in Hawaii are as large as sparrows, except they can’t fly anywhere near as good. That’s why they crash into you when they try.

  9. My make believe role? (My gosh, you’ve got me on a “roll” now.) I would politely decline an appearance on Oprah after publication of my phenomenal best seller. I’m shy, and Oprah would frown on my tee shirt and jeans, sans makeup.

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