Challenging Myself

It occurred to me that I write better when I’m in the mind of my character. When I try to write from a prompt or a short story I find myself stumped, but when I put myself in the mind of a character then it flows like water and it ends up being longer then anyone wants to read. Blogging for instance feels completely foreign to me, when I read other blogs I feel I seriously lack creativity and depth.

So I’m challenging myself to practice by writing short stories (even if they suck at first). Stories that begin and end in oh…500 words or less. Wish me luck.

2 thoughts on “Challenging Myself

  1. Me Too! It is much easier for me to sit down with my novel than to create something for my blog. Following a writing prompt is really not that hard for me, but sounding intelligent on my blog, well that is another story.

    Kathan and I are doing our own little flash fiction friday, you should join us by posting a 55 word flash fiction. It is a lot of fun. It is also good practice.

  2. That surprises me, you seem like a natural blogger. I always rush to read your new posts.

    I will try the Flash 55. It’ll be good practice.

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