#BlogHop for the release of Lisa Regan’s Aberration

Aberration_Button2Definition of ABERRATION
1 : the fact or an instance of deviating or being aberrant especially from a moral standard or normal state
2 : unsoundness or disorder of the mind
3 : an aberrant individual
— ab·er·ra·tion·al adjective
From the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary


What’s this about, you ask. Well Lisa Regan wanted to have a little fun with the release of her second novel, Aberration.

In Aberration, FBI profiler, Kassidy Bishop is on the hunt for serial killer who is an aberration—a freak—even among serial killers. For this blog hop, we’re listing our top 5 choices for the most aberrant (freakish or abnormal) characters in fiction, TV and movies! I’m also including a little bit about the most aberrant character from my novels.


On with the show. . .

#5. This character should be pretty familiar to Lisa Regan since she created him. I can’t make a list like this without including Reynard Johnson. He’s the sick monster of a villain from her debut novel, Finding Claire Fletcher. If you haven’t read it, I suggest you pick it up. I promise, very few characters will come into your life that you’ll hate more than Reynard Johnson. This guy is the epitome of off-balanced.

#4. I think one of my favorite aberrant characters would have to be Forrest Gump. Now stay with me here. . .while Forrest Gump doesn’t fit the role of “being aberrant especially from a moral standard”, he does fit with this end of the definition, “deviating from what is normal; untrue to type”. In a normal world, Forrest Gump would have ended up in a home for special people. He certainly wouldn’t be the college football hero or the war hero, but because he is “untrue to type” things worked out very different for him. Life is like a box of chocolates, and so are people. . .you just never know what you’re gonna get.

#3. Lord Voldamort. Yes, Voldamort from the Harry Potter series is definitely an aberrant character. How can anyone who has split their own soul seven times be of sound mind. He killed his own father, then went on to use his greatest power to singlehandedly destroy himself.

#2. How could anyone read The Hunger Games Trilogy and not put President Snow on their list of most aberrant characters? Just saying the name makes my skin crawl. I know evil doesn’t = aberrant, but this guy fits the bill for evil and aberrant. If his total disregard for human life isn’t enough to make you hate him, then his complete disregard for the lives of children should. Have you seen the movie? Well, you’ll need to read the entire trilogy to truly appreciate his evilness.

#1. DEXTER — Need I say more?

The most aberrant character in my books would have to be John Lewis. He’s the abusive rapist from Dangerous Embrace who tortured and abused Sarah Jennings for years before she had the guts to get away from him. John Lewis could be the poster boy for narcissistic. After years of hiding and years of nightmares, Sarah finally got her happy ending and John Lewis got his just desserts.

What is the most aberrant character you’ve read, or seen on TV or movies?

5 thoughts on “#BlogHop for the release of Lisa Regan’s Aberration

  1. John Lewis. *shudders* Hah! That’s so cool that you brought up Reynard even though he is pure evil. Thank you! And Forrest Gump–what a wonderfully creative pick! Thank you so much for participating and for all your support! Yay!

  2. Dexter!! Of course! He is an obvious pick for any list 😉 I also chose a character who wasn’t morally aberrant. Max from Dark Angel definitely errs from the normal path genetically, but she’s a “good guy”. 😉

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