It was a bittersweet weekend. I lost my grandmother but gained a family I didn’t know existed. More importantly–we gained each other. It was a kinship I wasn’t expecting but now so precious I’ll always cherish it. Who knew I had cousins that share similar fond memories of a distant grandmother. This is for Kelli, Chris, Dolly and Tony, thank you for entering my life so openly and for sharing your stories with me. I hope this becomes a lifelong relationship that our children will once share as well.Holding_Hands

How could we have known that my mother and your father were equally lousy parents? How did these two people come from our loving and attentiveĀ grandmother? I believe Grandma would be thrilled to know we gained each other while we were all grieving her. It’s as if she planned it all along, as if she knew in death we would all rally to say goodbye to her and be rewarded at the same time. She’s gone, but in her exit we managed to find each other and become a family despite the obstacles. It’s the same family we all equally craved but didn’t know we had. I will always be indebted to her for giving me you.

Michelle, my sister, you are the eldest of the eight of us cousins and now the rock. Thank you for taking care of Grandma in her death, thanks for sending her out with dignity and grace. If we left it up to her children Grandma would’ve been buried in a pine box and stripped of her beauty.

Tony, the baby of the family, and the one most neglected. You have lost your guardian but we have all gained a guardian angel. You are no longer alone.

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  1. Life finds a way to balance itself out, and your finding new hope for your family in your time of grief is such a wonderful example of how loss can sometimes bring forth a new beginning.

    It warms my heart to know that you and your family have come together to comfort each other, and celebrate your grandmother’s life.

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