Belated Flash 55 #34

From a challenge posted on Parrot Writes.

CHALLENGE: We are traveling 60 mph on the interstate going home from our Ashland stay. Suddenly we see brakelights four or five cars ahead of us and watch a minivan swerve off to the shoulder of the highway and slide to an immediate stop, gravel flying. A young woman flings open the driver’s door, jumps out, runs around the front of the van, and yanks open the passenger door. We were past her before we could see what caused her to stop so suddenly. In 55 words what just happened?


I yanked open the passenger door and ran to the asphalt just in time to keep the little fur balls from stepping across the white line. I got them all in one scoop, dropped them into the passenger seat, and closed the door. I leaned against the car and took a deep breath. That was close. Now what am I going to do with them?


Thanks for the great challenge, PW! Sorry I’m a day late.

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7 thoughts on “Belated Flash 55 #34

  1. This is actually true, but I wasn’t the hero. I watched another lady scoop up those kittens seconds before they stepped into traffic.
    Some jerk had left them on the side of the freeway. I think there’s a special place in hell for jerks like that.

    1. I certainly hope there is.

      My Polly was picked up wandering along the interstate and taken to the humane society by a good Samaritan. Around here, hunting dogs past their prime or just not interested in hunting are often just dumped to fend for themselves. (Polly is terrified of loud noises so I suspect she wasn’t much of a hunting dog.)

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