Autumn’s Harvest Blog Hop

Congrats, Beckey! You’re the winner of the signed copy of Dangerous Embrace!

What do you love about Autumn and Fall? What does it remind you of? What about reading? Do you love curling up with a good book while listening to the rain outside? Tell us your favorite Autumn stories!
We authors are ready to share our favorite Autumn stories and why we love snuggling in the cold. *wink*
Starting on Friday, November 9th and ending on November 12th, over 200 Authors and Bloggers will share their favorite things about the wonderful season of Autumn.

And while we do that, we are EACH doing a giveaway. Yep. There will be over 200 giveaways, one on each blog hosted by that Author or Blogger.

But that’s not all….

We have THREE grand prizes. You as a reader can go to EACH blog and comment with your email address and be entered to win. Yep, you can enter over 200 times!

Now what are those prizes?

1st Grand Prize: A Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet (international giveaway)

2nd Grand Prize: A $50 Amazon or B&N Gift Card (international giveaway)

3rd Grand Prize: A Swag Pack that contains 10+ paperbacks, ebooks, 50+ bookmarks, cover flats, magnets, pens, coffee cozies, and more! (US giveaway only)

Here are my top five reasons why I LOVE AUTUMN!

5. Seeing the leaves change. I love the fall colors and the smell in the air when the cooler breeze blows the fog in off of the Pacific. It’s a great reminder that the holidays are right around the corner…and of course that always means vacation days, time at home with my kids and a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

4. Movies! Without fail, I’m always waiting for the release of my next must see movie. Thanksgiving is notorious for the best movie releases. A few of my all-time favorite movies were releases during November.

3. Warm cocktails. Everyone loves a good margarita, including me, but I also love curling-up with a warm, homemade cocktail. My favorites are hot toddies, peppermint schnapps hot chocolate, and Baileys and coffee with a little caramel swirled in.

2. My fireplace! Nothing makes me happier than to sit by the fire with a good book and one of the above warm cocktails.

1. Thanksgiving! I’m sure everyone would put this on their list. It’s the day for the three great F’s: food, football and family. I love spending an entire carefree day with my family. We can relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Okay, I may need to make this a top six list. There is one more reason I love fall. My birthday. It’s always within days of Thanksgiving and often means I get cake and pumpkin pie in the same week.

Thanks for checking out my Autumn Harvest Post. If you’d like to enter for one of the grand prizes AND a chance to win a signed copy of my debut novel, Dangerous Embrace, please leave a comment with your email address telling me your favorite things about Autumn. I’ve also included a Rafflecopter for more chances to win Dangerous Embrace (the Dangerous Embrace signed copy giveaway is a US only giveaway).

Please check out the other Autumn’s Harvest blog stops, click this link of you don’t see a list of stops below.

Here’s more about Dangerous Embrace:

Sarah Jennings wants nothing more than a quiet life—alone.
Raised by an eccentric mother, their life on the road only taught her how to run away from hard times.

Now, back in her hometown, she’s found a place she loves. She’s a first grade teacher, and with few friends and less family, she has what she wants. A quiet life under the radar, where she can be free of her past and live quietly. Finally comfortable in her own skin, she’s settled, and less fearful than she’s ever been in her life.

But it only took one night, and one act of violence for everything to change.
Injured and afraid, Sarah wants to run again, but Mark Summors refuses to let her go.

Right when Sarah thinks she can have Mark and the life she wants, her past comes back to haunt her.


Mark Summors was born and raised in Santa Rosa. He married his high school sweetheart and never questioned his life, until he found his wife with another man.

Now divorced, he wants something more. He’s passionate about his job, he wants to protect people, and he devotes his life to it.
This time he’s protecting more than just another client, he’s protecting his future, at least, Sarah Jennings will be his future, when he convinces her she loves him.

To buy a copy:
Barnes and Noble

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33 thoughts on “Autumn’s Harvest Blog Hop

  1. I love autumn because it is cool enough to allow me to bake to my heart’s content. There is nothing I love more than reading a book with the scent of yummy deliciousness cooking in the background.

  2. Thanks for the giveaway!! Super excited for this bloghop.
    I love the autumn!! Favorite season out of the 4. Love the changing of the leaves and the beautiful colors. The smells and freshness of the air…just refreshing! Although getting an extra hour of sleep is great, having darker afternoons are not.

  3. Autumn is my favorite season! I like all the beautiful colors outside and the weather is not that hot anymore but not freezing cold either. It’s just perfect! Thank you for the giveaway!

    verusbognar (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. Autumn is my favorite time of year when the air cools down and the leaves turn color. I love walking in the woods by the lake and enjoying the crisp air of fall! sletten at paulbunyan dot net

  5. Thanks for the giveaway! I prefer spring to fall, but I love the colorful leaves of autumn as well as the knowledge that the holiday season is approaching.


  6. I love autumn, the colors, the weather, being able to snuggle up in a soft blanket with a good book and hot cup of coffee! I love getting ready for the holidays, of course the yummy food( which I always eat too much of especially the sweets) Congratulations on Dangerous Embrace, it sounds really great and I’m sure will do really well! I have added it to my TBR list and can’t wait to read it! This is why I love doing this hops I always find great authors and new books! Thanks so much for being a part of this hop and for the great giveaway! Hope you enjoy your day! And Happy Holidays!
    allysonbrann06 at yahoo dot com

  7. I adore autumn because of the amazing colors, bundling up in sweaters, Halloween and my birthday! Autumn also means cuddling up with a good book and a cup of cocoa!


    I love the hops cause of all the awesome new books I find to add to my to read list!

  8. I love reading about things that go bump in the night (with a touch of romance) this time of year. thanks for the fun!


  9. It’s my favorite season, I love the changing leaves, anything pumpkin and halloween!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!!


  10. I love the cooler weather, all the pumpkin stuff and Halloween!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

  11. This is a gorgeous looking blog. So…I’m stealing the hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps idea. Yum! Thanks for participating in the blog hop.

    brendurbanist at gmail dot com

  12. I love everything about fall. The leaves, the cool air, coming in to warm up with some hot chocolate and a good book…great timing for a hop, as I’m finding lots of additions to my to read list!
    dancingcelt at gmail dot com

  13. Autumn is my favorite season because of its cooler temps, me being able to wear my sweaters again, and for hot apple cider donuts!

    jochibi AT yahoo DOT com

  14. My favorite thing about Autumn/Fall is the changing color of the leaves, orange, yellow, red, even purple. They are so pretty. My least favorite thing is raking up those pretty leaves. LOL I love to curl up by the fire and read a hot romance book on a cold fall evening. Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win.
    reneebennett35 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  15. Thanks for sharing about Dangerous Embrace, sounds like it’ll be an interesting great reading…
    I like the changing colors on the leaves, pumpkins, and the upcoming holidays (Thanksgiving is in less than a week and half away, unbelievable right)

    Take care and happy holidays

  16. Thanks for joining in the hop. It was great to be introduced to your work.
    My favorite part about autumn is that the cool weather gives me the perfect excuse to keep my oven full of yummy deliciousness that I really can’t do during two of the three other seasons. I love the feeling of being able to have yummy stuff baking while I nestle in with a good read.

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