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1 Corinthians 13:8: Love never fails. Grayson Hanson likes to pretend he’s a superhero, sent to earth to fight off the bad guys. In reality, he’s a seven-year-old boy who wears those same superheroes on his leg braces, and fights off bullies at school. His mother, Dr. Autumn Hanson, will do anything to protect her son, including leaving her prestigious position as one of Duluth’s top orthopedic surgeons. Hoping for a fresh start, she moves Grayson to Cloquet, Minnesota and opens her own clinic. Steadfast in her desire for a new life, Autumn agrees to be interviewed for a feature article in the local paper. Kade Franco is a well respected journalist, who at forty-two has had his own share of love’s regrets. As the city’s most eligible bachelor, Kade can have any woman he wants, but he’s waiting for his meant-to-be. Where he doesn’t expect to find her is in the beautiful hazel eyes of the newest doctor in town. Autumn finds Kade Franco’s sexy chocolatey brown eyes and strong lumberjack physique to be her kryptonite. She’s spent the last seven years building a wall around her heart, but fears it isn’t strong enough to withstand a man of steel determined to show her love never fails.

I picked this book up to read a few weeks ago, and then set it down for another. Bad idea. When I started reading again last weekend, I had trouble putting it down at all. When I couldn’t read it, I was thinking about it. This is a truly heartwarming and inspirational book.
I fell in love with all the characters, human and otherwise. Have you ever met someone whom you think has it all figured out, but then you’re surprised to realize, it’s an act? Or at least surprised to realize they needlessly question themselves and their actions. The main character in this book is like that. She’s smart, caring, loveable, and a fantastic mother. Unfortunately she doesn’t know it. She doesn’t see what the rest of the world sees. Thankfully, Kade Franco does, and he’s man enough to point Autumn to a mirror so she can see it too.
I think Katie Mettner is an incredible author. She’s not your typical Christian Romance writer. She doesn’t write fluff with the intention of fooling people into believing they’ll live the perfect life if they give themselves over to Christ. She writes real life. She writes real world. But she’s also very sneaky and a little conniving…in a very good way. She’s sneaky in a way where she gets people like me, who have very short attention spans, to sit through a bible study. Each of her books teaches something, and before you realize the value of the session, you’ve finished the book. Good job, Katie. Thank you for inviting me to get to know your fabulous characters and for the lesson.

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79e3c84d86ac0ad8976fe3.L._V399624398_SY470_Katie Mettner grew up in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and moved to the Northwoods where she now resides with her husband and three children. Katie writes spicy Christian romance and is the author of The Sugar series and The Northern Lights series. Her stories are a reflection of her love for family, intricately woven with life experience. When the gales of November blow early you can find her at the computer with a cup of joe working on her next adventure.

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  1. Thanks for hosting me today Dana. The review is one of the best I’ve ever gotten because it means some people can see right through my evil plans, but understand and appreciate why I write what I write 🙂

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