Article about Point of View

This is one of the best articles I’ve read about POV.

Emotional Depth 4: Deep Point of View

Written by: Melissa James

She has an entire series of articles written on Emotional Depth. I haven’t read them all but this one is so good and so detailed and so specific I had to share it ASAP.

5 thoughts on “Article about Point of View

  1. This was an interesting read. I found the examples the most beneficial. I’m the kind that has to see something in practice before I understand it completely. Watching her manipulate the text gave me a few ideas for my own writing. Thanks Dayner!

    1. Ditto for me, I need to have an example–and something more than a line or two. I think maaaybeee some of her writing might have been a little over the top but she made her point well. I took a lot away from the lesson.

  2. Dayner
    Thanks for posting this! I agree with you that she writes like she’s using a thesaurus a little too much, but I clearly got her point. I think I have begun to use deep POV in my novel already, but I realized from reading this that I have way too many, “she saids” and “he answereds.” That is one thing I want to tackle in my rewrite.

    I have written my story in 1st POV, which I think I will keep (it’s easier to get in a characters head in that POV for me). But it has limited the other characters to what a teenage boy might notice or say about their actions.

  3. What I liked best is her non-use of tags. I’m finding I almost never use them when it’s just two people talking and it’s nice to see that validated. She’s a little flowery in her descriptions for my blood but it definitely makes it easier to see as an example.

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